How to Add Facebook Stream to your Google+

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What  ever the reason the new social networking service Google+ Plus from Big “G” has already created ripples through out the web. So far I can say, after Orkut Google’s desperate attempt to grab a slice in social networking space is successful with the launch of Google Plus.


The 6 features that attracted me to join Google+ are :

  • Circles :

organize your friends in categories and groups. This feature is already adopted by Facebook, but Google plus you will have clean & attractive UI.Also you can share a link or image with your friends without the knowledge of your bosses in the office.

  • Hangouts :

Another incredible feature, you can talk with your friends and also includes video chatting.

  • Sparks :

Get content of your interest across the internet, obtain interesting videos, articles and images, which you can watch when you are free.

  • Huddle :

Group chatting from the mobile phone,conduct a group chat with people in your circles and communicate with them in real time.

  • Instant Upload :

Instant uploading of the media content, for example When you take a photo on your device Android with the Google Plus app installed, your photos will be automatically uploaded to Google Plus.

  • Notifications:

Android inspired feature, Get push notifications when someone Comments or +1s on your posts,Mentions (+) of you in a post,Photos you’ve been tagged in..e.t.c.

Like me many others are ready to jump on Google Plus, but at the same time they are not interested to lose their Facebook friends as Google Plus is now invitation based service. So we need to continue on two accounts, which will consume time.

But you can solve this issue easily with this simple add-on or extension called “Google+Facebook”, this add-on will allow you to see your Facebook stream inside Google+.

How to Add Facebook Stream to your Google Plus ?

  1. Download and install Google+Facebook extension, currently it works on Chrome & Firefox.
  2. Next login to your Google plus account, now you will notice ‘Facebook’ icon besides ‘Home’ icon.
  3. Click on the Facebook icon and connect to your Facebook account.
  4. So now you can get all the Facebook updates right on your Google+.

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  1. Nice strategy by google to grab facebook followers. Though Wave is not able to create ripples in social networking community Goggle+ will definitely do some damage to facebook unless until Facebook comes up with some surprises to keep its user base intact.

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