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AceThinker Mobile Mirror Free for 1 Year - VIP Account[Windows/Mac]

AceThinker Mobile Mirror app

AceThinker Mobile Mirror is a handy tool to mirror your Android/iOS phone to a computer screen in seconds. Wirelessly connect your phone with a computer and display/record media, app, ebook, and other types of files on a large screen.

Mobile Mirror is a screen mirroring app designed for both Windows and Mac users. It lets you mirror and view both iOS and Android screens on desktop computers wirelessly in just a few steps.

Apart from displaying the Android screen on PC, this screen mirroring program allows you to fully control your Android device.

This means you can control your phone with the computer’s keyboard and mouse. Also, you can play videos, view pictures, send text messages, receive notifications, etc. directly on your computer without tapping the Android device.

Furthermore, for Android users, this mirroring software offers a Game Keyboard feature that lets users play all types of games. The features also allow you to map keyboard shortcuts.

This screen mirroring software is perfect for you if you need to record your mobile device screen or capture some screenshots to make a demo or to keep a memory. It provides a screen-cast feature that allows you to achieve whatever on your iPhone and Android screen.


  1. Mirror and Record Your Mobile Screen from Computer in Minutes.
  2. Mirror Both Android and iOS Screen.
  3. Control Your Android Device from the Computer.
  4. Capture All Activities on Your iOS & Android.


AceThinker Mobile Mirror Free VIP Account or Full Version:

You can visit this , click “Get giveaway version” and follow instructions to get the VIP account.


You can download the  Mobile Mirror installer or setup file from here [Mac/Windows]

Install the software, when you launch the app click “Login” and in the next window click the “Sign up” button.

Register an account by entering your email address and desired password.

Finally, click the “Activate VIP” button and enter below activation code.


Get the ApowerMirror App from and   Apple App Store.

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