AceMoney Lite : Free personal finance software

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AceMoney Lite is a free personal finance software and the best alternative to Microsoft Money or Quicken. AceMoney helps users quickly and easily manage multiple accounts of different types, such as, savings, credit cards, loans, debt accounts. It has about 100 predefined spending categories, such as food, rent, clothing, donations etc.

Being financially secure is a comfortable place to be in. With the help of personal finance software and solid financial advice, you’re on your way.Personal financial software can give you a clear picture of where your money is going, where it is, and where it has been with graphs and reports.

AceMoney Lite has all the features of its big brother(AceMoney) except multiple accounts management, the software makes organizing personal finances and home budget a breeze.e. You can manage your budgets, track multi-currency finances, analyze your spending habits, make transfers between accounts, and do on-line banking. You can start instantly without any prior accounting experience.

This personal finance software is easy to install and even easier to use. Because the different options are laid out in menu-type format as well as icons on the top of the screen, it’s simple to figure out what you need to do to get access to your portfolio, schedule bills and deposits, or run reports, to name a few.Also the software supports importing data in a large number of formats, including CSV, QIF, OFX, OFC, QFX and XML.

AceMoney Lite features:

  • Track your spending habits and see where the money goes
  • Create and manage home budget
  • Track performance of investments
  • Do your financial math in multiple currencies
  • Enjoy the convenience of on-line banking
  • Plan debts and mortgage payments
  • Do e-business with AceMoney
  • Use AceMoney on Windows, Linux and Mac

Download: AceMoney Lite 4.20.6 (3.8 MB)