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abylon CRYPTDRIVE  is an Security application for Windows systems, which lets you create encrypted folders or encrypted drives for storing your important data and prevent data theft or unauthorized access.A full version license of CRYPTDRIVE  11.30 will cost around $43, but now you can grab the license of this software for free over a limited time period.

With abylon CRYPTDRIVE, you can create and use virtual drives, where your data will be automatically encrypted stored, for encryption you can use either Blowfish with key length of 448 Bit algorithm or AES with key length of 256 Bit method.

Although several people are aware that files stored on their system are prone to theft ,but still they store their important files on their PC without any encryption.Cyber crooks will use vulnerabilities in Windows or third party apps to exploit important data on your system. To prevent these, data encryption is the best method and abylon CRYPTDRIVE is one of the best application for encrypting your data safely. Beware, that now a days Cybercrooks are releasing freeware apps like PowerLocker and CryptoLocker, these ransomwares will encrypt files and demands money for decryption.


With abylon CRYPTDRIVE, you can encrypt entire drive (internal & external) or a folder, once you activate the ‘CryptDrive’ option through the app’s interface, then it will install a driver on your system to create encrypted disks.After activating, you can create and open a number of encrypted disks, that will be shown as a normal hard drive with drive letter in the file explorer. On these drives , data and programs can be safely stored without noticeable delay.The necessary memory for the new drivr will be reserved on your hard disk as freely chosen encrypted IMAGE-file.


To access data in these encrypted drives, you can set a text passowrd or gain access with a USB-Stick, CD or Smartcard.Also you can authorize access through X.509-certificates, you can create several certificates through ‘Key Management’ module.
For home users, Symmetrical password-based (SYMM) encryption system is recommended, where you can decrypt with a password or secret (eg, debit card or USB stick). For companies or in working environment, HYBRID crypt system is recommended, where X.509 certificates are used for decryption.


  • Encryption with 448 Bit Blowfish or 256 Bit AES Algorithms;
  • Combined encryption with the Blowfish and AES Algorithm (HighEncryption – System)
  • Password Scrambler and Image-Input: Anti-Keylogger function by breaking up the password input and the additional use of image objects for cryptic password sequences
  • Perfect integration as drive in File Explorer
  • Supported methods for access:
    • SYMM-System
      • Password via keybord
      • Chip cards (e. g. Moneybank card)
      • External memory media (e. G. USB Sticks, flashdrives)
      • CDs/DVDs
      • RFID cards
      • Combination of password and Token
      • 4Eye-System
    • HYBRID-System
      • X.509 Software certificate
      • Certificates located on smart card or USB token
      • LADP and PKI-support
  • Container size nearly unlimited 128 GB tested and approved)
  • The encrypted image files can be divided in up to 100 partitions (Partitions larger than 4 GB are supported)
  • CRYPTDRIVEs can be opened in read only mode (Restricted to Windows 2000 FAT drives)
  • Adjustable hotkeys
  • The encrypted Image Files can be stored on a local or network computer (Client or Server)
  • No software is needed on the Server if you store your files there
  • Transfer of data over a network is always encrypted

Get abylon CRYPTDRIVE license for Free

To grab $43 worth license of  abylon CRYPTDRIVE 11.3  for free, visit this promotion page, fill the form and  click the ‘Request registry key’ button. With in few minutes, you will receive an email from abylonsoft.de with  abylon CRYPTDRIVE registration details, this includes Name or CD-Key and  Registry-key.

Download  abylon CRYPTDRIVE 11.3, install it and launch the app, click the ‘Purchase’ button and use the received license details to register the program and reboot your PC .

abylon CRYPTDRIVE license


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