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The Ultimate PDF Tool Review: Able2Extract Professional 12

Able2Extract prol 12

In the past, we’ve showcased many different PDF tools to you. However, we noticed that all of them had one thing in common, they focused only on one functionality – either PDF conversion or editing. That’s why we decided to introduce you to a PDF tool that encompasses all the options you’ll ever need under one roof.

The tool in question is Able2Extract Professional 12, and let us tell you, it’s packed with useful features, both business and home users would appreciate. Able2Extract excels when used in a business setting that heavily depends upon PDF documents. After all, the “Professional” in the name says it all.

To show you why we refer to Able2Extract as an ultimate PDF tool, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the software below.

System Requirements

Let’s start with the basics and see what you need to run the software. Interestingly, Able2Extract is the first cross-platform PDF software – meaning that it can run on all 3 major operating systems.

Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux
Ram 512+ MB
Hard Drive Space 200 MB (Windows, Linux), 300MB (macOS)
Screen Resolution 1366×768 (Windows, Linux), 1366×768 and 2560×1600 (macOS)

As we already mentioned, the multi functionality is what makes Able2Extract stand out. It’s not limited to a single function, but it can do any PDF task you throw at it. What tasks are we talking about? Read on and you’ll find out what Able2Extract is capable of:

PDF Creation

Able2Extract has integrated PDF creation capabilities. If a file is printable, you can use Able2Extract to create a PDF file out of it.

There are three ways to create PDFs using the software:

  1. Through the File menu within the software,
  2. By using the Command Toolbar within the software,
  3. Or via any virtual print drive, without opening the software application.

PDF Conversion

On top of the ability to create PDFs, Able2Extract is capable of converting PDF files to several different file formats such as MS Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, OpenOffice, Publisher…

The best part is that the whole conversion process is executed in a few mouse clicks. All you need to do is to open the PDF file with Able2Extract, select whether you want to convert the whole document or only a part of it, choose the output file and you’re done.

Furthermore, Able2Extract can convert more than one PDF file at once, in fact, it can scan an entire folder for PDF files and automatically convert them to the desired format. Batch conversion can be a huge time saver if you need to convert a high volume of PDFs every single day.

Another great feature that we have to mention is that the software comes with built-in OCR technology. OCR is used to convert those poorly scanned PDF documents to normal PDFs without any inaccuracies. Moreover, Able2Extract can turn image-only PDFs to searchable PDFs with text.

PDF Editing

Able2Extract would not be a complete PDF solution if it didn’t allow its users to edit PDF files. The software comes with a handful of editing options:

Bates Numbering

Bates Numbering is one of the new Able2Extract 12 features. It allows users to organize their PDF documents by indexing the pages of a PDF file. Bates Numbering is most commonly used by legal professionals who work with lengthy legal documents and need a way of labeling and easily identifying a PDF page that contains particular information.

PDF Forms

Like Bates Numbering, PDF Forms feature is also one of the newest additions to the Able2Extract toolbox. Able2Extract expanded its capabilities with the PDF Form filling and editing options. Both give users with the ability to work and manipulate PDF forms. You can conveniently fill in a PDF form without the need to print it out. And, you can even edit or create a PDF form from scratch if needed.

Pricing and Download

There are 2 payment methods to choose from:

Moreover, the software also comes with a 7-day free trial, which can be downloaded from this link here. Make sure to thoroughly test it out and see if it matches all your PDF needs before you take the plunge and buy it.

As far as we’re concerned, Able2Extract is a great tool for both home and business users. If you’re looking for a tool that has it all, Able2Extract should be your choice. We give it a thumbs up.

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