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Abelssoft Tagman Full Version for Free: Organize your music library

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Abelssoft Tagman helps you organize your music library. You can use this tool to properly tag your MP3s.

Tags are metadata that include artist, title, album, and album covers. This metadata is readable and displayable by common media players.

More and more people are storing their music collections digitally on hard drives. When a collection is not “in order,” collectors get very frustrated. There could be thousands upon thousands of songs crammed into that hard drive. Tagman is the ultimate collection organizer.

With Tagman, you can quickly and easily create a musical “fingerprint” of your entire collection. By comparing data with the vast database on the internet, Tagman can find matches and add missing information to the music file if it finds one.

Abelssoft Tagman UI

Tagman scans ID3 tags for information contained in audio files. A music player can read these metafiles. They recall the title of a song, the artist who recorded it, the album it appeared on, and the year it was written.

Tagman can look up information online and add it to the metadata if the ID3 tags are missing or incorrect. Moreover, if a CD cover is missing, it can be instantly located, viewed, and downloaded from the Internet.

This Abelssoft program can rename music files as well. Your music collection can be automatically organized by renaming files according to the selected pattern.

Abelssoft Tagman Settings

Key Features of Abelssoft Tagman:

  • Automatic cataloguing: the title, artist, album, and cover are all entered automatically.
  • Fingerprint Technology: Each piece of music is analyzed and creates a corresponding fingerprint.
  • Automatic folder structures: on request, creates a sorted folder structure.
  • Album Cover Download: This feature searches for album covers automatically, and they can be added to all titles with a single click.
  • Editing Multiple Tracks at Once: This feature allows you to edit any number of songs at once.
  • With validation mode, you have full control. Missing information is automatically filled in and can be confirmed.
  • It has its own folder structure and automatically sorts your songs on your hard drive based on their tags.

Get Abelssoft Tagman Full Version for Free:

Simply download the giveaway version from this link or from this link[26.9 MB].

Install the software and enjoy the full version for free.