Abelssoft StartupStar Full version for Free: Take Back Control of your PC Startup

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Does booting up your computer take a while now? Do you recall when it appeared to launch in the blink of an eye? The culprit might be an ever-expanding collection of startup programs. These programs can decimate your boot time.

I have some excellent news! Get your PC up and running like new again with the help of Abelssoft StartupStar, a helpful program that will give you control back.

Take control of your Windows startup programs with StartupStar. Optimize boot times, block unwanted auto-starts, and enjoy a lightning-fast PC experience.

Abelssoft StartupStar-Take Command of Your Startup

If you use StartupStar, you can customize which programs run automatically whenever you power up your computer. It only takes a few clicks to stop unused auto-starts, postpone certain programs to speed up boot time or delete them altogether to stop system slowdowns.

This goes beyond mere speed optimization; it aims to maximize your PC’s performance.

User-Friendly Interface

No technical expertise is necessary for using StartupStar; the app’s user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. The intuitive layout of the program makes it easy to use all of its capabilities, including managing your startup entry.

One-Click Operation

With only one click, you can easily enable, disable, block, or delay starting entries. For individuals who prefer to make fast changes without getting bogged down in intricate settings, this function is ideal.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Control

Turning applications on and off isn’t the only thing StartupStar can do.

You can see exactly what programs are loading into memory when your computer boots up thanks to the comprehensive list of startup entries that can be sorted by their current state.

Plus, the integrated firewall keeps an eye out for malicious apps that try to get into your startup list, alerting you and preventing any blocked items

Autostart Firewall

An outstanding feature of Abelssoft StartupStar is the Autostart Firewall, which notifies you whenever new programs try to sneak into your startup sequence without your knowledge or consent. This preventative measure will make sure that no unauthorized apps are operating in the background.

Backup and Restore

Make modifications to your startup programs with peace of mind with the Backup Centre feature. You can easily restore prior settings using the backup system in case you need to undo an operation.

Key Features of Abelssoft StartupStar at a Glance

  • Fully Customizable Autostart: You get to decide which programs stay and which ones go.
  • One-Click Operation: You can activate, disable, stop, or delay the launch with only one click.
  • Comprehensive Overview: See every autostart entry and sort them by status.
  • Autostart Firewall: Keep yourself apprised and safeguarded from unwanted autostart additions.

Compatibility and Pricing

StartupStar is compatible with many Windows versions, from Windows 7 up to Windows 11, thus it should be usable by a lot of users. The software costs normally $29.95, but you may save much more money by taking advantage of sales and promotions.

Get the Abelssoft StartupStar Full version for Free:

Download the giveaway version installer of StartupStar from these links: [Link 1/ Link 2]

Install the software. It’s pre-activated and you don’t need any license code.

However, if it displays the “Registration” window

Enter your first and last name, and email address, and agree to the terms. Then click “Get free unlock e-mail now.”

You will receive a confirmation email from Abelssoft. Click the confirmation link to unlock the full version.

Conclusion: Take Back Control of Your Startup

To sum up, StartupStar is a must-have tool for PC boot time optimization.

You can optimize your computer’s boot speed and general performance with its combination of user-friendly interface, powerful features, and preventive security measures. With StartupStar from Abelssoft, you can finally say farewell to slow startups and hello to faster computing.

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