Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus Free for a Limited Time

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Abelssoft SSD Fresh  is a simple  tool for SSD users to extend their life, although solid state drives (SSD) are much faster when compared to traditional hard disk but with the help tools such as  SSD Fresh will  improve access times and makes SSDs lost longer.

SSDs  allows your computer to run at full potential as they do many access times faster. Programs and files load faster – by a single mouse click. SSD hard drive do not use magnetized metal plates, but digital memory cells, which are addressed directly. The problem: you have a limited number of read and write operations.

Howe ever, using SSD Fresh tool will extend the life of SSD drives, by reducing the number of read and write operations. SSD Fresh can cut the access of data from many automated Windows features.

The tool also includes the Windows defragmentation, indexing of files, creating a timestamp, the prefetch function, defragmenting the boot files, the Windows-logging, system recovery (if another backup system is used) and storing of short names for folders and files.


Launch Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus  software and it displays an overview of your system drives, including the drive model, name, capacity, number of partitions, file system, free and used drive space.

A ‘ S.M.A.R.T. data’ button displays various technical indicators on your drive’ reliability: error counts, spin-up time, temperature and more.Unexpectedly high or increasing values here could show a drive failure is on the way.

The main highlight feature of SSD Fresh is  ‘optimization’ , the feature gives easy access to a host of low-level settings that could harm your SSD’s life and performance.

For instance, by default windows will defrag your drive occasionally and this process will be great for regular hard disks and not for SSDs. Turning off this will save system resources and unnecessary disk writes, extending your SSD’s life.


If you are an expert in Windows systems, you can enable or disable the settings by reviewing the SSD Fresh suggestions, else just click  ‘Optimize’ and the software will switch everything to its preferred value. Don’t worry your can revert back to your original settings if there’s a problem later.


Get Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus Free :

As part of Chip Adventskalender, today they are offering €10 worth Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus free.

Just visit this promo page, click “Manuelle Installation” and in the next page click the blue button “Download-Server CHIP Online” to download the installer or you can skip these details to download the installer directly from this alternate link (1.66 MB).

Run the installer, in the registration window,  enter your first name, last name and email address to unlock the full version.