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Abelssoft PriWeb - Browser based VPN Free 6 GB Bandwidth

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Abelssoft PriWeb is a browser with an integrated VPN module that lets you browse the web anonymously on your Windows PC.

In simple words, Priweb is a browser (based on Chrome) with a VPN extension. Using this browser you can protect your privacy by concealing your real identity and avoid government monitoring.

Also, this VPN based browser helps you to bypass location restrictions and censorship. PriWeb’s main aim is to protect the user’s identity.

At present this Abelssoft VPN has servers only in five countries that include Germany, Singapore, USA, Netherlands, and France.

Apart from VPN service, PriWeb acts as a simple tab-based browser. Similar to chrome you have an address bar to enter URL of the site you wish to visit.

You can bookmark frequently visited web pages, there is a download manager and built-in popup blocker. It’s a usable Internet browser with satisfactory surfing speed.

Abelssoft PriWeb – Free 6 GB Bandwidth:

The free version of PriWeb offers only 500 MB data, if you subscribe to their newsletter you will get 1000 MB data credit.

So first create an account by visiting this

Enter your email address, password (twice) and hit the “Try Now for Free” button.

You will receive a confirmation email from  Abelssoft, click the link and confirm your account.

Coming to the paid version, 5 GB data credit costs 10 € (1 device), whereas 35 GB data credit (3 devices) available at 25€ and 50 GB data for 5 devices costs 50 €.

However, below we are providing a promo code that offers 6 GB data credit for free.

If you are interested in this promo, then after creating an account download the PriWeb browser installer from the developer page [36.9 MB].

Runt the installer and complete the installation process.

Next, launch the PriWeb browser  (login to your account)and hit the hamburger icon, you will notice the “Enter promo code” option, click it.

Enter the Promo code as:  HASE

Click the “OK” button, you can notice the 1 GB data credit is increased to 6 GB.

That’s it, click the “Spy” icon on the browser to select the VPN location and browse the web.

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