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Abelssoft EasyFirewall:Maximize the effectiveness of your Windows firewall

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Abelssoft EasyFirewall Perfects the Windows Firewall and offers even more security.

The default firewall, which is pre-installed on the vast majority of Windows computers, offers adequate basic security against outside intruders. Why do so many people still shell out cash for a snazzy, external firewall?

The firewall’s lack of transparency is to blame for this. The firewall’s lack of transparency is to blame for this. Microsoft’s firewall operates stealthily. Windows Firewall lacks a user-friendly interface for customizing and optimizing the firewall.

Here’s when Abelssoft EasyFirewall comes in handy. To improve network safety and performance, it facilitates simple Windows Firewall configuration. In a matter of seconds, it can let you add new application rules to the Windows Firewall. It also has real-time monitoring that will send you an alert if anything unusual happens.

Your firewall will be fully functional, with optimal settings and user-friendliness, thanks to EasyFirewall’s diligent efforts.

There is a panic button built into EasyFirewall. This is the standard emergency stop button that immediately stops all processes.

Panic mode allows you to immediately halt all network activity on your Windows PC if you notice a suspicious application attempting to connect to the internet.

EasyFirewall makes it simple to toggle between private and public networks. When your network is set to private, the Windows Firewall still lets most programs communicate with the outside world. When a network is set to public, most connections are restricted, and all programs require authorization to access the internet.

Abelssoft EasyFirewall Features:

1.EasyFirewall Wizard
2. Set your own security rules
3. Real-time protection
4. Panic mode
5. Set your own security rules
6. Simpler, clearer, and less complicated to operate

Developer page: https://www.abelssoft.de/firewall

Download the software from https://www.abelssoft.de/firewall-setup.exe