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Abelssoft AntiRansomware 2024 provides the most effective defense against ransomware and data theft. This security software checks your computer’s folders for real-time changes that could be signs of a ransomware attack. When it detects any changes, it could be signs of an attack, so the software sends you an email.

What is Ransomware?

Blackmail-Trojans also called “Ransomware,” don’t steal or delete their victims’ data; instead, they encrypt it. The ransomware tries to force people to pay a fee to get their data back.

More and more people are getting attacked by ransomware, but there are also more and more programs and tools to protect against blackmail trojans.

AntiRansomware from Abelssoft is one tool you can try. It is a real-time scanner that promises to find ransomware-related activity and take the steps needed to stop the malware.

AntiRansomware’s way of protecting your computer is pretty simple: the real-time monitoring module scans the vulnerable directories or folders and uses complex algorithms to find a malicious activity that only ransomware viruses do. If the files that are stored locally start to be encrypted, the alarm goes off.

This can work because ransomware usually goes after private user files in the Videos, music, pictures, and documents folders. You can also add other directories that you want the application to watch.

AntiRansomware’s emergency procedures in the event of ransomware are more interesting. It not only shows you warnings and sends you a message to let you know about its suspicions, but it can also shut down the Windows PC in a few seconds and restart it in safe mode to stop the malicious code from running any further.

AntiRansomware will then show you suggestions for how to get the encrypted data back.

AntiRansomware isn’t an antivirus, and it can’t replace a full security solution.

Unlike most antivirus programs, which stop ransomware from running, Abelssoft’s AntiRansomware can detect malicious activity even after the code is already running. It can then take a few steps to stop it from moving forward and encrypting more files. Because of this, you should use it as an extra layer of security along with an antivirus.

Abelssoft AntiRansomware 2024 Features:

  1. Protects you from Ransomware.
  2. Guarding your files in the background.
  3. Continuously monitors your computer for signs of ransomware and alerts you to any changes or indicators of infection.
  4. It employs cutting-edge algorithms to identify malicious code swiftly.
  5. No performance impact

Get Abelssoft AntiRansomware 2024 for Free:

Just download the full version installer either from this link or from this link [4.68 MB].

Run the installer, complete the installation process, and enjoy the full version.

Note: The file has undergone a Virus Total scan, and you can check its detection status here.

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