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A1RunGuard Premium Free License- Block Ransomware

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A1RunGuard keeps your Windows computer safe by blocking ransomware and protecting your processes with passwords.

Antivirus software is a must if you want to keep your computer safe, and it’s hard to find a PC that doesn’t have it.

Microsoft Defender, the built-in security tool that comes with Windows 11/Windows 10, is more than enough for most people. If you want to take things a step further, you may want to think about a process firewall protection solution that can work with your current antivirus.

What is A1RunGuard Premium?

As a process firewall, A1RunGuard is designed to protect the user from unwanted applications. It allows users to safeguard their executable programs with passwords, stop specific processes from running and provides an extra layer of protection against ransomware.

This useful program lets you block programs you don’t want to run and password-protect executables. The software also works well as a strong defense against ransomware attacks. It can find ransomware attacks and warn you about them. It can also automatically stop ransomware processes to protect your computer.

A1RunGuard Premium UI

The program’s initial setup is excellent in orienting users to its functions. You will be shown how to set the main password, and the app will run a test to show you how it handles Ransomware. It’s similar to an antivirus tool, but it’s a bit lighter and has some interesting extra features.

The ability to monitor and control your processes is one of the best features. To put it another way, you can either block or redirect a specific process. Blocking stops the process from running while redirecting just starts up another program. To protect certain apps, you can use your primary password or create an app-specific one.

A1RunGuard Key Features:

    • Stops ransomware attacks by keeping an eye on important processes.
    • Block a process by its filename or by the full path to the file.
    • Protect the process with a password.
    • Redirect the process launch to another program.
    • Anti-Malware Database
    • Event Logging
    • Restrict Access to Program Settings
    • Password protection for any application
    • Low CPU usage.
    • Compatible with all known antivirus software.
    • Supports Windows 11/10/8/7 64-bit and 32-bit.

Get A1RunGuard Premium for Free:

Download the software either from this link or from this link[19.35 MB].

Install and run the application. Click “Premium” on the app’s main screen. Then click “Register Premium” and enter the license code listed below.


That’s it, hit the “Register” button.

A1RunGuard Premium License