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A Story About My Uncle Game Free Steam Key Giveaway

A Story About My Uncle

For a limited time, DLH is offering free steam keys for ‘A Story About My Uncle’ game. According to DLH, there is a limit of 3000 keys per day and  200 keys per hour.

This game usually sells for USD $12.99 on Steam store.

To get the free steam key, visit and click login or connect via Facebook or Google.

Next, visit and under the giveaway game click ‘Visit Website’, then follow instructions to view the steam key.

Copy the code and visit Steam browser-based , enter the code and add the game to your steam library.

A Story About My Uncle:

This is a first-person platforming adventure game about a boy who
is looking for his lost uncle and in the process, ends up in a world that he never imagined existed.

With the aid of some of your lunatic uncle’s strange inventions that
let you jump incredibly high and traverse the environment in
interesting ways, you’ll soar through a world packed with gorgeous
scenery as you uncover clues to your uncle’s whereabouts, while
meeting fantastical creatures that will help you on your journey.

Key features

The game relies heavily on narrative and non-violent gameplay, with a strong focus on platforming, swinging and jumping.

If this sounds up your alley, get your copy right now!

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