9 online applications to play with photos

March 19, 2009 Off By Ramakanth

It is always advisable to include a image in every post, in order to contextualize the content, or simply to enrich it in some way, even though it is only for decoration. However, it is often easy to get pictures relating to the issue we are discussing.  If we talk about a software , the solution is simple: a screen shot. But what if we talk about creativity,humor then we must consider these free apps.

There are many free sites that allow us to upload images to incorporate different elements such as clip arts, text, text boxes, etc. Here we provide a list 9 Free Online applications to play with your Photos.

  • WriteOnIt : It allows you to include your image on posters, magazine covers and create funny captions.  No registration required.
  • writeonit


    Link: Writeonit


  • Hairmixer :Swap faces and hair. You can upload your own photos or use the web pictures.
  • Link :Hairmixer

  • Kyolo : Allows you to add text balloons to images.
  • Just like that. . Need to register.


  • PhotoFunia : It allows you to upload your own pictures and modify it into a selected effect.Just select an effect you like from over 100 different effects, then upload your photo, PhotoFunia will handle the rest for you. Ability to download photo or avatar without registering.
  • Link:PhotoFunia

  • Ransom Note Generator : creates a text composed of letters cut from a magazine. You can place any image as wallpaper. No registration required
  • Link:Ransom Note Generator

  • BigHugeLabs: Offers many options. . You can add text balloons, motivational posters (like the one below), etc.. . It has a wide range of possibilities, but requires registration
  • Link: BigHugeLabs

  • FaceInHole:
  • It is a classic, your can put your face on the body of others like celebrites,movie stars e.t.c. ). For example, you can add your face on Iron man (the movie)


  • PiZap: humorous touches you can add text and balloons clipart. The interface is inflash, so you can resize the elements at that place, move them easily, etc..It allows the publisher to add it’s site through its API (available for download) Without registration.
  • Link: piZap

  • AutoMotivator: I think know those posters that are in some offices with motivational phrases? Here you can do the same. Of course, it’s more fun to parody them. It allows you to save the image to your computer or directly to Flickr or ImageShack.
  • Link:AutoMotivator