8GadgetPack Brings back Gadgets to Windows 10

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8GadgetPack is a free application that brings backs almost 50 popular Windows 7 gadgets to Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7 operating systems

Although Microsoft disabled the gadgets on Windows 10 and Windows 8/7 OS, but some Windows developers offered several solutions to add the gadgets to the modern operating system and 8GadgetPack is one such tool that brings popular Windows 7 gadgets/widgets onto your Windows 10 desktop without any cost.

8GadgetPack smoothly integrates more than 50 different gadgets/widgets into Windows 10  and adds a sidebar to your desktop.

This application does not add any crap, it just installs original Microsoft and Non-Microsoft gadgets, also there is an uninstaller to remove the gadgets.

So on Windows 10, you can keep an eye on CPU and RAM usage, check out the weather forecast with “Chameleon Weather”, convert currencies, view different time zones, monitor Clipboard contents and much more.

The latest version of  8GadgetPack (v21) is compatible with recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Download 8GadgetPack  @developer page


Below you will find the list of gadgets/widgets available with this application.

Gadgets included in 8GadgetPack:


Note: All Windows 7 gadgets will not be safe, like any other software they may contain viruses.So you must know the source of the gadget and check whether it is trust-able.