8 Secret Chat Apps You Should Know

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Gone are the days when we used to wait for the ICQ messenger to load on our PCs. The instant messenger services have been changed a lot since then. There are a lot of services that have come across our ways after the smartphones became prevalent. These instant messenger platform introduced themselves in the form of apps.

The only issue of worry with all the instant messaging apps is about the privacy. Thus there is a separate category of apps that have become popular in the recent days that are called as ‘Secret Chat apps’. For best theme for this app you can use best android Emoji keyboards, using these types of keyboard you will not get bored. The secret chat is a one-to-one chat, that is encrypted when the messages are delivered to the end users, and the messages vanish or gets deleted after a certain period. So here is our list of 8 Secret Chat Apps that you must try.


SnapChat is popular amongst teenagers. The SnapChat app lets you share message and snaps that include videos, photos and you can even add captions to them. You can select with whom you want to share the content, and you can also deselect from the list. There are several filters available; you can make use of such filters and create your own SnapChat Story.


rindID is a nascent app that gives you the feature of auto-destruction of the messages that you are sending to your friend. By default, this secret mode is disabled. You can enable it by going to the chat settings. You’ll then be displayed with the timer, where you can set the time for which the message is going to remain and after that, it gets deleted automatically. You can make use of this secret mode while sending messages, pictures, videos and even voice messages.


KakaoTalk is not a new app; it has been there on the market for a very long time now. But the app developers have included some of the ‘secret chat’ features to the app as the users were worried about their privacy. Just like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk also encrypts the messages that the users send and it also has a hidden chat feature where you can hide an entire chat from being displayed using a password.


SureSpot enables users to make each everything encrypted that they send. It makes sure that no on else can see your messages other than those who were intended to receive your chats. If you delete something from the chat, it will no longer be available to the receiver. Also, you can use the multiple identity features allows you to choose, who you want to be with. You can block all the annoying contacts too. The voice messages are also encrypted, you need to enable the encryption settings within the app simply.


Telegram is made to solve the issues with speed and security at the same time. Telegram supports the feature of self-destructing chats and messages where both the participating devices can send disappearing chats that can include texts, videos, music and even voice messages.

The chats are also end-to-end encrypted here, meaning that there won’t be anybody except the participants that can peep into your conversation. TeleGram also supports multiple platforms; it is available for iOS, Android, PC including the desktops and tablets. And if you are logged in with the same login credentials on all your devices, the chats and attachments will get automatically synced.


Wickr is another instant messaging app that enables you to send encrypted messages, pictures, videos and audio files also. Wickr doesn’t save your contact list to their servers, and therefore it is the safest as far as the privacy, and spamming is concerned. You can set the timer with the expiration time for all the messaging content.

You can also remove all the data that has been received or sent using the Wickr app so that nobody will be able to find your data later on. This also prevents you from being tracked.


With more of a social media platform touch, WhisPer allows you to send messages, thoughts, and emotions with the world. And thereby forming a long lasting and trustworthy relationship with the community.

Real-time stream feature is available, where you can send Whisper. You also can connect with others using the private messaging feature.


Secretly lets you post anonymously to your friends, family, and co-workers nearby. And when they get your messages, they won’t be able to make who sent it. Cool, isn’t it? You can join conversations and give real life opinions too.

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