6 Free tools to Unmask Hidden Passwords

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This is not a hacking tutorial or anything like that,I’m just sharing a collection 6 Best freeware tools that will show passwords hidden behind Asterisks and has no intentions to harm anyone at all.

These tools will help you to recover the password of a web site or email account,for instance if you had forgotten password and could not remember answer for the secret question that you have entered at the time of signing an email account and you have all friends contacts in that email address book,then this will be a huge problem.


Working with these tools is simple, for  some tools it’s enough to launch the software ,then a window will show the passwords behind the asterisk. For some tools it may need to drag the cursor or place the mouse on a window that have password information.

Here come’s the list of 6 Free Password Revealers :


1. Password Revealer -Rekenwonder Software

Requires no installation and a tiny (65 KB) utility .Just run it with windows that contain the password and click the button Reveal!

That’s all, it will show you passwords that are typed in a password edit box. If your network log-in screen or dialog box masks your saved password, you can easily click this program’s button to show the password.

Unfortunately this software does not allow to recover passwords saved by the web browser Firefox or IE.

Link : Password Revealer

2. Kernel Password unmask Utilities – Nucleus Data Recovery


Like above application it also doesn’t, requires installation.Just download( 100 KB) and run KernelPasswordUnmask.exe on any Windows application like outlook that has the password saved and you will immediately see unmasked password on the screen directly.

The tool successfully reveals the password of FTP Client software like CuteFTP, FlashFXP, SmartFTP etc .


Link: Kernel Password unmask Utilities


3. AsterWin IE – NirSoft

This is very interesting program , besides being free it is also open source and source code is also available for download.

As it’s written in VB language(VB6),it requires Visual Basic run-time files to run properly.It is advisable to have VB6 installed on your PC.


This freeware is completely different from the above two because it focuses entirely on discovering the passwords of Internet Explorer that are not saved, but those that you see on the screen during login. Excellent to recover lost or forgotten passwords for your various accounts on the web. Remember that it works exclusively with the good old Internet Explorer(IE 5),out dated.


Without any installation, run the file. Exe, and open the page of Internet Explorer where passwords to be disclosed, just click on Show Passwords and it will reveal the passwords stored behind the asterisk.

Link : AsterWin


4.Asterisk Password Revealer


This is best tool among the above the above programs and suits for present situations.It cover both the possibility of revealing passwords from Windows applications and web browsers mostly IE.

Just Install and run the application,then Asterisk Key Revealer will start scanning open programs and web pages to display you the hidden passwords. If you are logged into the messenger, you will need to logout and keep the IM application open on the screen for it to show your passwords.

Asterisk Key works with Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Digsby, AIM, Outlook or for that matter any desktop tool or web browser which allows you to store your password.

Link :Asterisk Password Revealer


5.Mouse over password
Now this tool is Exclusively for Firefox users.although above Asterisk Password Revealer works with web browsers,but it doesn’t work with all versions of Firefox.

Asterik password revelaer

Mouse over password
Mouse over password is a Greasemonkey script which will allow you to unmask the password fields and display it as plain text when you mouse over them.
It will display passwords as a plain text like opera Mini web browser used in mobiles.

Once installing Greasemonkey script, you can unmask password by moving your mouse over the password display box , password field will mask the password again when you mouse away from it.

If you  don’t have Greasemonkey script addon installed on Firefox,then download it (click)here

Then install this script Mouse over password script from(click) here,which will Show password fields as plain text when you pass the mouse over them.

Link : Mouse over password


6. Revelation – SnadBoy .

Just Install the software,run it,then it will pop up dialog box or window that waits for orders.Then we must
must drag & drop the cursor circle over the password fields, once placed, you can read the password in the Revelation window. Works well with current IE and all TELNET login boxes.

Link :Revelation v2.0


I hope that this list will help to recover your lost or forgotten passwords.

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