6 cool(online) ways to add image reflection to images

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I think to add reflection to images many of us will use either Adobe Photoshop or  GIMP etc.But these software’s require more experience,also it will take more and some of the softwares are not free.

Below I’m listing 6 Free online tools(no sign-ups) ,where you can quickly  add reflection to images ,all you need to do is to upload the images  and to select  your favorite reflection.
Click on Titles to visit the sites

1. WaterEffect – Adds watery reflection to any image.

2. PicReflect -.  offers number of customization options and settings. .

3. WaveMyPic –  adds  reflective wave effect to any image.

4. ReflectionMaker – Provide neat reflection effect.

5. Wet Floor Maker – Add ‘Wet Floor’ like look to images.
6.Reflectz-Browse any image from your computer or enter image URL (jpg, gif, png: max 300 Kb)

Then select the ‘reflection size’ and ‘transparency’ using the slider. Click on ‘generate image reflection’ button and its all done.