5KPlayer: Best Free Media Player to Play and Download 4K Videos

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A media player is an essential general tool on the computer, however, it’s not an easy task to find the best media player to play and download 4K videos due to different requirements.

Besides, no media player is perfect. The best media player should have more strengthens and fewer weaknesses when compared with other ones.

If a 4K video is your serious concern, 5KPlayer is the best media player for both Windows and Mac.

5KPlayer is one of the free software applications developed by DearMob, Inc. With the name 5KPlayer spelling out its advantage, this HD video player is expressly designed for 4K, 5K UHD videos.

It is also able to play videos and music in mainstream formats, as well as to download videos, to mirror, and to record iPhone screen, to convert video to MP3 for free, etc.

Just test it inside-out, and the exciting features below confirm it to be the best media player for 4K videos out of question:

Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive interface of 5KPlayer requires least multi media knowledge for you to know what to do with 5KPlayer: To play HD/4K videos, click Video icon; to download online video or music, click YouTube icon, etc. Such intuitive interface is not only easy-to-use but also eye-pleasing.

Easily Play 4K HD Videos

A user always complaints about reaching a “No Response” status when trying to open an ultra high-definition video. Now with 4K-engineered 5KPlayer, you can spend less than one second to open a 4K video file. Another most caring problems – picture lag when playing 4K is eliminated here. Through 5KPlayer, the enjoyment of 4K videos is a feast, not a fury.

Superfast Download 4K Videos

One of the most-favored additional features of 5KPlayer is to download online videos up to 4K or much higher definition when it’s legal. Retrieve a valid video URL, click the “Paste& Analyze” button, and then click Download button to get files. The default video definition to download is usually HD 1080p or 720p. In order to download 4K UHD videos, you need to click on the gear icon after video analyzing, and set preferred resolution as 2160p.

User-Friendly Media Library

Played 4K videos are in Movies category of Playlists, downloaded 4K videos are in Videos category of YouTube. Each is arranged in order. You can choose to view the media collections either in the form of a list or as icons. This simple and orderly way of management would be rather time-saving.

Hardware Acceleration Support

Going further with 5KPlayer and you’re sure to wow at its hardware acceleration feature. H/W capability means lower CPU consumption while playing or downloading 4K videos, which ensures the smoothness of video playback and avoid troublesome crashing.


Specs and descriptions are indirect and could convey one a small part of the joyful experience with 5KPlayer, this fast runner in the field of multimedia playback, user can download the latest version of 5KPlayer for both Windows & Mac: https://www.5kplayer.com