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5 Paid Android Games for Kids Price dropped to Zero on Google Play

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Five Paid Android games developed by Ellie’s Games are available free of cost on Google Play. These games will be free for the next 6 days and there no in-app purchases & ads.

The developer Erik made these games  for his daughter Ellie who is in second grade (at the time releasing these apps).

These simple games help your child grow while having fun. All the games have the bright and vivid colors that help expand a child’s growing mind.

Simple themes and a user friendly interface make all of Ellie’s Games simple and fun for children of all ages.

The Five Android games are:

1.Color Dots – Infant & Baby App:

Color Dots is a colorful visual tracking game that will hold a child’s attention. A simple game that improves finger dexterity, mental stimulus and response time in young children.

An educational intuitive game that puts fun first.

● Vibrant, Visually Stimulating Colors
● Popping Sounds
● Pop Vibration
● Smooth Animations
● Tablet and Phone Compatible
● No Ads! Perfect for infants



2.Collector – Infant Finger Practice

Dot Collector is a baby game to assist with the early development of eye-hand coordination, color recognition, cognitive skills and fine motor skills.


3.Play Phone: Visual Stimulation

Let your little ones have imaginary conversations with over 28 different animals, perfect for kids 1-3 years old.



4.Money Math Duel – Two Player Currency Game:

Good app for teaching kids about counting money in a fun way.



5.Counting Numbers Infant App

Every kid enjoys collecting things. In this colorful collection game children grab dots as they bounce around the screen and gather them up.

It’s a game that will hold a child’s attention. Tap and drag the dots and collect as many as you can.

Intuitive controls and simple animations make this game perfect for infants