5 Free tools to Record Skype conversations

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Skype is becoming one of the essential software,for those who don’t know Skype,It is a voice and text based Instant Messaging system, which works on the VOIP technology. Skype lets you make free calls over the internet to any one else who also has the service. Skype offers free global telephony and unlimited voice calls with its P2P software.

The biggest issue in Skype is that it doesn’t have any option to record phone(skype) conversations. So we are providing a list of 5 free third party tools to record your Skype conversations

1.Skype call Recorder :

Skype call Recorder

Skype Call Recorder is a simple application which records all your Skype conversations and conferences. It uses an external interface that provides all the functions and settings needed to record calls easily.

It saves Skype conversations in compact and widely used MP3 format.The Skype call recorder can record conversations to Skype online numbers as well as SkypeOut calls which are calls from Skype to regular phones.

Official Website : voipcallrecording
Download : Skype call Recorder


2.Call Graph :

Call Graph

Call Graph is a  free Skype plugin which lets you record your Skype conversations.With this tool you can record your conversations in high quality MP3 as well as in low quality,you can choose conversation rate between 32 and 256 kbps, stereo or mono mode.

Official website : Call Graph
Download : Call Graph 1.2.0

3.MX Skype Recorder

Mx Skype Recorder

The versatile MX Skype Recorder is not only compatible with Skype but also supports Google talk, Yahoo Messenger and several other VoIP applications.

Its interface is similar to that of a standard sound recorder, the main difference is that it starts recording automatically when you start a conversation,so you don’t need to press “record” or “stop.” You can record conversations either in single or dual audio track (one channel for input, other for output) and it can even work in “Spy mode” .

Official Website : MX Skype Recorder
Download : MX Skype Recorder 4.1.0

4.KishKish SAM

Kishkish SAM

KishKish SAM is a simple voice answering machine for Skype users. When you are away from your PC and there is no one to answer your incoming Skype calls, KishKish SAM will pick up the call, play a greeting message and the “all-time classic beep”, so the calling party will leave a voice recorded message.with KishKish SAM you can record all your Skype conversations for later reference.

This an excellent tool for recording incoming voice messages, although freeware version is rather feature-limited.

Official Website : KishKish SAM

Download : KishKish SAM 3.2.5 (free version)

5.Pamela Call Recorder

Pamela Call Recorder
Pamela (?) call recoder allows you to record Skype calls for free. In addition Pamela can play audio files during a call, take notes during or after a call, transfer a call to a contact or group and many more cool features. Pamela looks and works like Skype.

Pamela Call Recorder offers you the following features:

* Free Skype Call Recording
* Take notes during a call or add them later
* Automatic call recording (In- Outbound or both)
* Disable call recording warnings
* Automatic Skype chat reply while you are away
* Records in MP3

One draw back in Pamela free Edition is that you can record only 15 minutes for each Skype call .

official Website : Pamel Call Recorder 4.5


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