5 Android apps which raise your IQ level

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As we grow older, the mental makeup of the body starts to degrade. This holds true for our intelligence quotient or IQ levels too. Training the brain makes it work faster and helps it to take judicious decision with utmost precision.

Thankfully, the advent of technology has made things better for everyone and you can expect to check on your IQ levels with help of Android Apps which have been designed for this very purpose.

1.)  Brain Trainer
This is one of the most popular Android App which works well in the iPhone and iPad too. Ten distinct types of games have been included in this app and help test your cognitive abilities which include testing the processing speed and mental flexibility. Around 35 game sessions have been included in the app and it has been designed to keep you busy at least for an hour.


Brain trainer

2.)  Portrait Health Brain Teasers
This app is designed to test your brain in five distinct areas. The five areas in which this app works in improving your intelligence quotient include critical thinking, coordination, visual perception, memory and word skill.
New updates on this app are released on a regular basis and the app analyses various aspects of your intelligence.
3.)  Memory Trainer
This is another effective brain training app which has been developed for the Android market. This app has a range of fun exercises which work on sharpening your memory skills, building up focus and developing concentration skills. The Android app has gained immense popularity and is available in the Android market.
4.)  Brain Workout 
This app for the Android market is another popular one on the lot. This app has one of the best color interfaces which everyone in the family will cherish. The app will bring out the memories of your childhood back. However, before you rubbish off the app for any other common Android app in the market, you need to think again.
Brain Workout app as the name suggests has been designed to create some amazing mind boggling workouts which will test your Intelligent Quotient to the limits. Four games have been included in this app and each of these has been designed to check out your intelligence levels.
The games have been designed in such a manner that you will be inclined to track your memory, work on your concentration levels, judge the reaction of any action and check out the accuracy levels of any decisions you have taken while playing the game.
All in all, the app is a match winner in the Android market and can test your Intelligence Quotient to its optimal levels.
5.)  Brainscape
Another intelligence judging app in the making, Brainscape has been created to help users work on specific subject matters and plan their schedule according to the need of the hour. This app helps you optimize your study hours and plan your time judiciously. Though some may argue that the app is not an intelligence judging app in the true sense but the fact remains that the app helps you to think, analyze and plan your time which in itself is a key intelligence planning task.