43Marks: Manage Bookmarks & RSS Feeds In One Place

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43 Marks an excellent free service which giving to add favorite bookmarking sites and rss feeds in one place,you can create a homepage that gathers together all your favorite bookmarks and feeds in the same spot, with all the browsing advantages that this entails.

When you sign up, you will get your unique 43 Marks URL. This can be customized as you see fit, and you can include categories such as “Social Media”, “Video”, “Music” and “Info/Adds”. You then set the actual items that make up each one of these categories. Once this has been dealt with, the next time you access your provided 43 Marks URL you will have access to this sort of universal homepage.

About managements system, extreme useful and within a click you can make your public url to private. RSS Feed has collapsing and expanding features. Categories and open target setup and so on.

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