3DP Chip :always keep your drivers updated

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After the first or re- installation of our computer, many people just install drivers from given cd’s but don’t update the drivers for their devices (graphics card, motherboard or sound card, to give a few examples) where their version’s are updated frequently.
3dp chip
Therefore, today we present you a small tool that is always in charge of monitoring the drivers of our pc to warn when it detects a new version.

This tool is called 3DP Chip and whenever there is update it will pop- up a window where we can see all the information for some of the drivers or most needed drivers(motherboard, video cards, sound cards and network adapters).

Beneath each of these drivers we will find a button that will take you directly to the manufacturer’s website from which you can download the latest version of the driver.

3DP Chip is completely free, takes up less than 1MB space , does not require installation and runs on Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista.

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