3D Camera iphone app for Free

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3D Camera iphone app from Juicy Bits, allows you Create your own 3D photos and easily share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter. 3D Camera iphone app normally costs $1.99, but for a limited time period it is available for free.

3D Camera provides great fun and simple way of creating great 3D pics.Once you’ve taken your left and right picture use 3d Camera to view the 3D photo as a grey or color anaglyph (using common red/cyan 3D glasses available right here), a stereogram (no glasses required), or as acool “wigglegram” for a simulated 3D effect.



  • Built-in gallery to manage your projects
  • Wireless image transfer from the full version of 3D Camera for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Simple touch interface to realign and reposition images
  • Magnification loupe for accurate alignment
  • Recede and pop out buttons to quickly modify image depth
  • Automatic cropping of aligned images
  • Five anaglyph creation methods: grey, full color, half color, optimized, and red/blue
  • Optional anaglyph enhance mode to automatically boost saturation and brightness
  • Parallel and cross-eyed stereogram support for photos that don’t require 3D glasses
  • Optional stereogram alignment dots
  • Full control of stereogram border size
  • Wigglegram mode for a fun, simulated 3D effect
  • Control of wigglegram animation speed
  • Integrated help that changes based on the current task
  • Advanced mail mode that exports Stereo JPG (.JPS), Stereo PNG (.PNS), and Multi-Picture Format (.MPO) files
  • Ability to copy 3D images to the pasteboard for use in other apps
  • Ability to save to the iPad photo album
  • Ability to send 3D images via e-mail
  • Built-in feedback button to contact us directly with comments or question

Get 3D Camera iphone app for Free at itunes app store.