30GB+ High Quality Sound Effects for Free Download

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In celebrating Game developer conference (GDC) 2018, digital sound marketplace Sonniss is giving away over 30GB of high-quality sound effects from their vendors, you can use these sound effects for games, films, and interactive projects.

Users who downloaded these sound effects can utilize them either for personal use commercial purposes without attribution, all of these soundtracks are royalty free.

The 30GB bundle has almost 985 soundtracks, you can view full track list by visiting this google docs page.

To download this 30GB bundle, visit the giveaway page and you can find many downloading options, you can either simply go with the torrent file or download part by part from mirrors such as BOX.NET or Google drive.

sound effects free download

Also, Sonniss itself offering direct links splitting the 30GB bundle into 8 parts and this is their 4th giveaway.

If you wish to get their previous three giveaways ( 20 GB bundle in 2017 or 16GB bundle in 2016 or  10GB bundle 2015), you can either  just send a message to  [email protected] or you can download the previous files and present giveaway files from below links:

2015 giveaway: https://sonniss.com/GameAudioGDCPart1.torrent
2016 giveaway: https://sonniss.com/GameAudioGDCPart2.torrent
2017 giveaway: https://sonniss.com/GameAudioGDCPart3.torrent
2018 giveaway: https://sonniss.com/GameAudioGDCPart4.torrent

According to Sonniss, these tracks are just a small sample of their vendor’s complete libraries without any changes, these files are exactly what the vendors sell on its marketplace. If you like these sound effect and want more options, you can buy their corresponding collection.

About GDC 2018:

GDC 2018 is an event designed to tell and educate game industry professionals on online multiplayer games, mobile, and next-generation game technologies.

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) produced by UBM Game Network is the world’s largest professional game industry event.

It is the is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games and virtual reality gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

Every year about 27,000 people will reach Moscone Convention Center for the Game Developer’s Conference.It features lectures, post-mortem, and roundtables from notable independent game creators, including many former and current Independent Games Festival finalists and winners.