Happy 2nd Birthday to Techno360

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It’s been exactly two years  the blog ‘Techno360′ was launched and today is our second birthday.On this 2nd happy Birthday we would like to thank all of the regular readers of this blog for the support you’ve given me so far.Also I like to Thank our advertisers for the financial boost.

When we count achievements  of Techno360 over these period we got 2700 feed subscribers, 3.5+ Lakhs visits per month and a Logo 🙂

Also recently  we launched a forum associated with Techno360 site and  this site now has over 1,113 articles, special thanks to our Contributing author Sujay for his support.

Above achievements are possible by 3-4 (Friends) Members dedicated Team work, Thanks to all authors who are with us and those who left us.

    Our Mission:

    As we need to grow further, we listed to achieve below Goals

  • We are going to invite Guest authors very soon.
  • We will be concentrating  on all Technology articles not Just freebies, because we need to Justify the site name ‘Techno360‘.
  • Expand Techno360 to socialnetworking sites, we are severely behind when compared to all our age Techsites in this aspect.
  • Focused on producing high quality articles and credit source, some people thinks it’s waste of time, but I don’t think so.

Similarly we like changes and new experiences in our life, we also invited change with a new clean white theme on the first-day of this 2nd year.
I tried to implement several changes to theme compared to our previous theme according to readers feedback. Hope everyone like this new theme, also If you find any bugs in theme Please report us.

  1. YES, thank you Techno360 for your offerings and Happy Birthday, may there be expansion and growth for you in the years to come.

  2. A little late but well meant

    Congratulations Techno360 team and friends, thx for the all the work done and to come, i realy like the changes and clear explications.