Just for signing-up a Google Drive account gets you 15 GB free storage space and now Google offers extra 2 GB storage just for doing a simple Security Check-up.

To commemorate Safer Internet Day and also to push it’s users to protect  their  Google account by reviewing account settings or security, Google is rewarding Google Drive users with  2 GB extra storage space.

So head on to this Security check-up link,  login to your Google account and start the three step check-up process.

This three step security check-up process lets you review your Google account recovery information, recent activity and review devices, websites and apps connected to your Google account.

google drive account security check-up

After finishing this process you will see you three green check-boxes conforming that your are eligible for extra or bonus 2 GB storage.

However, when you check the Drive storage, you will not notice  any  instant increase in the space, the total storage space will be 15 GB.

According to Google, all eligible users will automatically get the extra 2 GB space by 28 February 2015  and they will send you an email notifying you about the adjustment.

I think it’s a good measure by Google luring it’s users with  additional storage space for auditing  important settings of their account and the extra storage is free for life time.

So,  avail this one time offer and review your Google account settings before 17 February 2015, get 17 GB (15 + 2) storage space on your Google Drive.

Note : This Storage freebie will not be applicable for users of Google Apps for Education and Google Apps for Work.

[Source – Google]

About Google Drive:

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best could-storage service with built-in free online office suite, letting you create, view and edit  in a web browser or with dedicated  apps.

It’s easy to use and works well, syncing files to Google Drive is  as simple as keeping them in any other folder on your PC.