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1Password Families Password Manager- Free 6 Months Subscription

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1Password is an intelligent and easy-to-use password manager that keeps your login details, passwords, bank numbers, credit card details, software licenses, and other sensitive information secure.

1Password works on all desktop [Windows, Mac, Chrome] and mobile [iOS, Android] devices.

Get 1Password Families Password Manager Free for 6 Months:

If you want to streamline your digital life and safeguard your online identity, 1Password Families is the way to go. After a free trial period of 30 days, monthly fees for the entire household will be just $4.99.

However, for a limited time, you can enjoy 6 months of access completely free of charge.

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1Password Families Password Manager Promo

Enter your name, email address, and hit the ‘Next’ button to receive a 6-digit verification code.

Check your email inbox for the 6-digit code.

Copy the code and enter the code on the giveaway page, next set a master password and create an account.

Finally, generate a secret key and save it as a PDF file.

Download the app for your desktop and mobile devices from the below links.

For Mac:

For Windows:


Install and launch the app, tap “Scan your account details” and visit my.1password.com/apps/. You will find the Setup Code.

If you can’t scan your Setup Code on the same webpage, click ‘Sign in manually’ and get your account details.

About 1Password

You have many accounts for websites, apps, and services, and each one needs a password.

Most of us choose something easy to remember, like a pet’s name, and use it everywhere.

It may be convenient, but it’s not safe. If one account gets compromised, it could cause trouble.

The smart way is to have a unique password for each account, right?

But that’s not easy.

So, what’s the solution?

Write passwords in a notebook? Use sticky notes? Create a song?

No, the solution is to use a smart and simple password manager like 1Password.

With 1Password, you only need one password.

The app saves you from the frustration of remembering passwords and keeps your login details safe by encrypting the information.

It collects all your unique passwords in one safe place and locks them with your one password (Master password).

It’s seamlessly integrated into your browser. When it’s time to log in, just click the ‘1Password’ button, enter the Master Password, and you’re in.

Another cool thing:
When you visit a new site that requires you to create a new account, 1Password will generate a secure password for you and save it where it’s needed.

Next time you return to that site, simply click the ‘Login’ button, and 1Password will handle the rest to get you in.

The app is not just for passwords; it keeps all kinds of sensitive information safe, such as bank numbers, credit cards, software licenses, secret files, and more.

Everything is securely locked up, accessible only to you with your one password.

And your passwords are always available, as 1Password automatically syncs across all your devices.