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19,000 credit card numbers exposed by the Google cache

According to iTnews, a Australian IT employee found a cached page showing a list of 19,000 credit card numbers.Thanks to Google ,the Discovery was made through it’s Powerful Cache.Actually the Australian IT worker discovered 22,000 credit cards in it’s(Google) cache in which 19,000 credit cards are active.

It is believed that up to 19,000 of these numbers could be active, with most belonging to customers in the US and Britain. The details include CVV numbers, expiry dates, names and addresses and are for accounts held with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Solo, Switch, Delta and Maestro/Cirrus. The URLs of companies including UK retailers of laboratory supplies, sports and health goods, apparel, photo imaging and clothing were also available to view.

They are considering a possibility that the list could be part of the database of any payment gateway on-line, or a simple storage space on-line used by cyber criminals. Google has taken steps to lock the cache of the URL showing such information.

The IT worker, who chose to remain anonymous,nown only as “benjee”, told iTnews that the discovery came as the result of a Google Alert for name.

“I received a Google Alert for a name. The alert started with a bunch of other numbers, so I went to the web page and it was just a virtual directory listing with a bunch of directories underneath and a load of files inside.

He claimed that he tried to report the find immediately to Visa and MasterCard,but said neither returned calls.Now the IT worker handed the information to police.

Via : iTnews


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