12 Best addons to improve your security in Firefox 3.5

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12 best addons for firefox 3.5

After providing a list of cool themes that are compatible with latest version(3.5) of Firefox,today I’m here with a list of 12 Best addons that will improve your security in Firefox 3.5.

Firefox 3.5 was released just a week ago,  and many Firefox fans believe the new version is clearly the best browser you can get.

When you upgrade to Firefox 3.5,  you also have to update or reinstall the browser’s add-ons. But only some of the addons of previous version are compatible with present version, so in the title of the post  we stressed the word Firefox 3.5 addons.

When it comes to security, Firefox is the best browser(although this has changed with introduction of chrome, but still I prefer Firefox). Not only because of the way that browser is built and how fast all bugs were fixed in it,  but also because of its add-ons. Security add-ons are very effective to detect viruses before download,  stop any sort of malicious scripts that could be injected to your computer. It also advice you which site you should avoid in order to be away from any bad cookies that could come from it.

12 Best addons to improve your safety or security in Firefox 3.5:

1. Wot :

If you’re concerned about phishing sites, spyware, viruses, fraudulent online stores, or child safety, you need WOT (Web of Trust). This useful extension shows a rating icon next to each site in search results from Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and other popular Web services. The rating is easy to interpret, so you can see instantly which links in the results are safe to click.

WOT also places an icon next to the address bar, so you can check the rating of your current page in case you didn’t get there via a search engine.


2.Dr.Web anti-virus link checker:
This add-on will put an end to your doubts. If you’re hesitating whether to download a file found on the Internet or not. You have just to check it with this add-on if it’s virus-free or if it’s infected.

It also allows you to check any page you are about to visit with online version of Dr.Web anti-virus

link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/938

A must have addon for your browser. NoScript gives you the power to specify the sites you trust and only those sites will be allowed to run active content like Javascript, Java code and other executable code.It’s very effective against XSS attacks (cross-site scripting attacks).

Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/722

4.Secure Login
If you often log into websites and forget or lose your password, then Secure Login will be a great time-saver. It directly integrates with Firefox’s password manager, and will log you into any website without you having to remember or look up the password. When you’re on a page that requires a login, simply click the icon. Better yet, use a hotkey combination to log in faster.

The program also helps keep you safe online – it prevents hackers from stealing your passwords by halting malicious JavaScript code.


Whenever FormFox finds a form on a webpage, it tells you the exact URL, where the information given by your will be submitted and advices you whether that website appears to be genuine or not.

web form is usually safe if it links to a page on the same domain whereas if it links to other domains you should analyze it carefully before submitting the data.


6.KeyScrambler Personal
As you type in your password, KeyScrambler Personal scrambles it so that the information sent out over the Internet doesn’t match what you type. That way, someone won’t be able to steal your private information.


7.Magic Password Generator:</strong>

This addon provides Custom passwords for each site and remembers these passwords for you and protects those passwords from outside access by locking it with a master password.


8.LastPass Password Manager
LastPass is a Online Password Management and form filling add-on,Besides being officially recommended and tested by Mozilla,LastPass is safe because it does local encryption, and none of your actual passwords reach their servers.


This addon allows you to encrypt gmail emails and send encrypted email from Gmail with ease. It uses GnuPG, a program which utilizes public-key cryptography for securing the messages. Public key cryptography is a method most widely used for securing data.



With the help of this addon you can easily permit or prohibit the execution of Java or Javascript in your browser. This addon will place its menu in the status panel of your browser. You will be able to switch between various settings by one click. With this addon you will be also saving your traffic because it will block the execution of the pop-up windows.

Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1237

11.Finjan SecureBrowsing:

This add-on protects you from malicious and phishing websites.This addon like Wot does will noot rate webpage .but scans for malicious codes and exploits on a website.This service will block dangerous web sites, undesired websites, advertisement and other unnecessary elements.
Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4892

12.Tor-Proxy.NET Toolbar</strong>
Get Safety and Anonymity by using TOR-Proxy.NET for surfing! Tor-Proxy.NET is a CGI-Web-Proxy, which tunnels your traffic through different anonymization-networks. That way you get high anonymity.


  1. Thank you for including WOT in your list of the 12 best add-ons for security. We are pleased to be included with the other great add-ons and to be at the top of the list!

    Safe surfing,
    Web of Trust