10 Icon Packs for Android Free for a Limited Time

10 Icon Packs for Android Free for a Limited Time

March 6, 2017 Off By Ramakanth

Icon Packs allows users to change the appearance of Android Phone with a suitable custom launcher and icon packs are very popular you can find lots of icon packs in Google Play

Similar to iTunes App store, to promote their application Google is now allowing developers to temporarily set Android apps free at Google play store.

Now, you can get 10 paid apps worth around $1 each for free and this giveaway /free offer will be available for 2 to 3 days (not sure, but here in India some apps are displaying the sale ends in 3 days).

Below you can find the links for the apps, these icon packs from different developers are compatible with some stock launchers and supports most of the popular android third-party/ custom launchers such as Nova, Apex, ADW, GO Launcher …e.t.c

List of 10 icon Packs price reduced to free

1.Lens Icon Pack:
Rounded pack inspired by material design, offers 50 HD wallpaper, 300+ icons and supports 30+ major launchers.

This Vintage pack supports stock launchers of Asus, Sony Xperia, and LG. The pack has 20 qHD wallpapers along with 3100 icons and compatible popular third-party launchers.

Note: Play store displays this free offer ends in 10 hours ( *at the time of publishing this post).

3.TwoPixel Light:

Similar to above pack this one also support those stock launchers and third party launchers. It offers 30 qHD wallpapers with 2100 icons.

4.TwoPixel Dark:

This dark pack contains 2200 icons, 30 qHD wallpapers and supports major custom launchers and Stock launchers of LG, Asus, and Xperia.

5.Coffee Pack:

This pack features 10 Marshmallow wallpapers, 700 icons, and the developer listed around 15 (both stock & custom) launchers tested working with this pack.

6.Krix :
This pack contains 2,250 + icons and according to the developer, this one supports major third-party launchers.

7.Willx :

This icon pack offers over 1000 high-quality icons, 50 cloud-based HD wallpapers and compatible with 30 plus custom launchers.

8.Mellow Dark :

Another dark pack which has 1750 plus icon, compatible with most custom launchers and Supports LG and Sony stock launchers.


Another vintage pack with 20 qHD wallpapers and 2370 icons. This pack free offer ends in 10 hours (*).

10. SL Theme Dera Pink

Beautiful theme with pink design elements and beautiful icons for a Smart Launcher. This one will be available free for a day (*).