10 Best plugins to Monetize your WordPress blog

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It’s almost 10 months I have been using wordpress on this blog,We all know it that it’s almost like a reward for you to keep you blog going.Monetizing your blog is key to your blogging motivation.when your blog or website is more successful, its obvious that you are going to invest more time and money to update it and host it properly. Best way to monetize your blog is undoubtedly with Google Adsense. This is a very simple and proven solution that already pays for hundreds of thousands of blogs across the globe.

There is a vast choice of WordPress plugins out there for your WordPress Blogging platform but which ones do you choose from to streamline, drive more traffic and to monetize your Money Making or Online Marketing blogs.

So, to cut the long story short I’ll share  10 useful (in my opinion)  WordPress plugins that can help you to monetize your blogs properly .

1. Advertising Manager

This is plugin  was previously known as Adsense Manager. This is not just for Adsense. You can manage all your affiliate network advertising campaigns through this plugin. That is why they have changed the name now. Once you set up your banners in the admin panel you just have to select the ad name from a drop down menu.

This plugin will manage and rotate your Google Adsense and other ads on your WordPress blog. It automatically recognizes many ad networks including Google Adsense, AdBrite, Adify, AdGridWork, Adpinion, Adroll, Chitika, Commission Junction, CrispAds, OpenX, ShoppingAds, Yahoo!PN, and WidgetBucks. Unsupported ad networks can be used as well.All Adsense and other ads here on our site are displayed using this plugin.

Link: Advertising Manager

2. WP125

WP125 is a plugin for managing 125×125 ads on your WordPress blog. If you are selling 125 ads yourself for your blog this plugin will help you to manage and track those ads effectively.It makes advertiser job easier and faster,you don’t need to create some new css, or to put extra coding in your sidebar. you can set how many days to run the banner ad , and how many banners are desired for viewing. When the banner campaign is finished, a replacement banner will fill the spot and alert the webmaster that a banner is expiring!

Link: WP125


This plugin allows you to embed any html code in a post, without breaking the framework of the WordPress theme.Embedit makes inserting HTML advertising and affiliate links into a WordPress site relatively painless.

Link: EmbedIt

Note:To get the plugin you must give a valid email address which grants the publisher of this plugin to send you an email with the download link.

I fully understand people take time to create these free plugins and never really get a lot of credit, but I think he’d (author)be better off allowing free downloads and putting a Paypal donate button on his page instead of collecting email addresses.

4.Page Peel plugin

Adds attractive and effective “page peel” (page down) ads to the corners of your theme.
Page Peel – a jQuery Plugin script to implement a page peel effect in your website. Handy to place ads on your site or to link to some important news, discount offers, …

View the Page Peel example.

Link: Page Peel plugin

5.WP Tag Ads

WP TagAds, a new way to display ads on your WordPress blog. WP Tag Ads is an advertising solution tailored for WordPress bloggers, ads are displayed based on the post tags you assign to a post in your WordPress blog. This is different from Google Adsense where the page is crawled then ads are displayed based on the finding.

The ads (eg: ebay ads) will be displayed on your blog via the WP Tag Ads widget, this widget allows you to place the ad anywhere in a sidebar. However, ads are only shown in posts, not pages or any other section of the blog. WP Tag Ads widget lets you customize the appearance of ads to match the look and feel of your blog.

Link: WP Tag Ads


It allows you to easily rotate your ads, as many as you like in a very convinent way.The plugin allows you to rotate AdSense ads also. Easy management from the dashboard allows you to quickly oversee, add and edit banner code.

Link: AdRotate

7.Buy me a beer

Shows an inspiring message in your sidebar, or at the end of each post, asking your readers to invite you a beer, or whatever you like ( I would like invite me to an ice cream) through Paypal. This plugin creator says that it is much more effective than just a button that says “Donate money via Paypal”.

Link: Buy me a beer

8.Ads for Old Posts

Automatically insert ads in old posts once they reach a certain age.You can insert your ad code and set the number of days before ads start appearing in your posts.

Link :Ads for Old Posts

9.WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin

This is another plugin to receive donations through Paypal. A progress bar shows the number of gifts you need to reach a certain goal, and rewards donors with a link to the site of their choice (an extra motivation to donate), showing a list of top donors.

Link: WordPress PayPal Donation Plugin


Want to turn your WordPress blog or web site into an online store? This plugin offers a bunch of features for creating an internet shop, including several payment options, multiple shipping options, and various discount options. This WordPress plugin even allows you to sell downloadable products, making it easy for you to earn extra money with your blog or web site!

Do you have any other favorite Plugins? If so, tell us about them in the comments.