10 alternative ways to find images in Flickr

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flickrAre you searching for photos or you have your own images and you want to share them? Then Flickr is the best option ,a popular photo-sharing site owned by Yahoo!, has a ton images available for browsing through. You can search for photos in a multitude of ways including by user, tags, title keywords, and it’s easy to upload your own photos and you can also use those images to your website or blog.

Flickr is a site with many options You can generate your own photo album, using their online tool, you can edit pictures and find fantastic pictures shared by millions of users.

Searching around for an image for a blog post is one of the most frustrating procedures of blogging Many times it is enough to use Flickr’s search to find what you are looking for, but sometimes you do not find exactly what you are looking for, and you may search through other search engines that specialize in searching through Flickr and this is what I’m writing in this post listing 10 alternative search engines to find images in Flickr.


1. Compfight: Perfect Flickr Image Search Tool

Compfight allows users to easily find a host of images on Flickr. Just type in a keyword or several keywords and Compfight will display numerous images on one page without the miscellaneous information. For images with a blue bar at the bottom of an image, hovering your mouse over the image will conveniently give you the dimensions.The only downside is that this enhancement is only available for original images found on Flickr.You can also search images with Creative Commons rights so as to easily insert images to your blog quite legally.

Compfight is a perfect tool for bloggers with a vast array of features and great settings for both commercial and non-commercial blogs.
Link: Compfight

2. FlickrStorm :a Better Search for Flickr

FlickrStorm is a great site for finding quality images that can be used legally giving attribution to the creator. When you reach the site click on ‘advanced’ and a drop down box enables that gives you options for creative commons pictures and the different licenses they hold.
If you’re putting together a PowerPoint for example and are looking for good photos, this can save you a lot of clicks & time.


3.Idée’s Multicolr Search Lab:Search Flickr Images by Color

The Multicolr Search Lab is a fantastic tool that does an excellent job of finding great images based on the colors you select.Search based on your favourite colour combinations, find fantastic images, discover new photographers and all the images you find will be Creative Commons photographs! How cool is that?

The Multicolr Search Lab allows users to select up to 10 colors that they would like the images they are searching for to contain. To make a color more prominent in the image search results simply select that color several times from the provided color palette. As you pick and choose your colors the search results will automatically refresh with images that represent your new color selections.

Link:Multicolr Search Lab

4. FlickrBabel: Search Flickr Photos by Location and Language

FlickrBabel expands your Flickr search base by translating your search query into other languages with the help of Google Translator. It allows you to achieve more results with your flickr media search with the use of translated queries.Additionally to automated translation and search, it also allows you to restrict search results only to the images taken near or at a particular location.


5.LiteFlick: Fast Way to Search Flickr Images

LiteFlick is a fast way to search Flickr photos of the day,wich will display Flickr search results in a nice-looking layout that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can search images by text or by Flickr username. It enables you to sort search results by recent, interesting and relevant images. You can scan through 80 photos in seconds, and easily get more details when you want them.

Link: LiteFlick


6. Picishare :Flexible Flickr Search Engine

PiciShare is an alternative search engine for Flickr to your average Flickr Search. The search engine provides a simple click and search interface similar to Google Image search that enables you to modify the search preferences more efficiently. You can select the search results per page, sort by: relevance, Date Posted , Date Taken (ascending), Interestingness . It also allows you to limit the number of photos that appear if you’re on a slow web connection.


7. Flickrriver : See random cool photos

Explore Flickr photos in a nice, clean interface. View by recent, interesting today or interesting yesterday, or use the top bar to search by user, group or tags.
It also provides you with a Greasemonkey script that adds Flickriver links to various Flickr photo pages – user photos, favorites, pools etc, allowing you to quickly open the corresponding Flickriver view.

Link: Flickrriver

8. Flickr Color Selector : Search by color

This is similar to Multicolr search engine,the Flickr Color Selector lets you choose a color by adjusting the slider or color selector, and then it automatically loads Flickr images that contain that exact color. It’s really quite fun to play with, and is a great way to discover new photos.

Link: Flickr Color Selector

9. Tag Galaxy :Explore Flickr planets

TagGalaxy is an interesting concept referring to Flickr and tags, because the service is influenced by space.
Created in 2008 by Steven Wood using Papervision3D and the Flickr API, Tag Galaxy is a web tool that takes advantage of the tagging community in Flickr and sorts those saved images based on their tags. This tool provides a visually appealing and easy way to search for and display a wide variety of images saved in Flickr.

Link :Tag Galaxy

10.Tiltomo : Search by theme

Tiltomo is a visual search engine that allows you to search the Flickr database using keywords.Tiltomo lets you search by tag, color / texture and theme / subject. The service uses two test image databases, first database is a 24 hour snapshot of the images recently uploaded to flickr, and second database comes from the Catchy Colors group on flickr.


Do you have  another alternate  ways to search Flickr?  If so, tell us about them in the comments.