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Google today announced the launch of a new feature for Google searching results. The new feature is called “+1” button, a desperate attempt by Google to answer popular Facebook’s “like” button and gain some space in social networking game after big flops like Orkut and Buzz.

What is Google + 1 Button ?

As I mentioned earlier, + 1 (plus one) Button is the Google version of Facebook “like” button. This +1 button will soon appear next to links on Google’s search results page. By clicking the button your will recommend content right from the search results pages.

The + 1 is tightly integrated to Google Profiles , so you must have a public Google profile (promoting) and your +1 ratings will be posted to your profile. If anyone in the network of your Google friends searches on a similar topic will be shown those recommended results, among the usual search results, flagged with a note advising that a friend has “+1’d” it.

“The beauty of +1’s is their relevance — you get the right recommendations (because they come from people who matter to you), at the right time (when you are actually looking for information about that topic) and in the right format (your search results),” explains Google.

Another interesting element is “+1” feature will appear in other networks like Twitter and around the web. Also Google hopes websites will add + 1 Button

For now this feature is not fully implemented in Google search results and it will be rolled out slowly. But you can try the +1 at Google experimental search site and also it launched a web page that explains the new feature

[via Google Blog]

  1. Hi Ramakanth,
    I am bewildered as to why Google feel the need to do this. It has a kind of real relevance with social media like Facebook but then Facebook has a billion users. In contrast how many Google users have fully signed up user profiles? I imagine the number is a small one in comparison to the billion – nor is a “like” mechanism going to be a driver to sign up. Personally I want to make my own mind up. I do not want to go with the herd and view something just because friends have said so. Now if there was a mechanism for reasoned comments that would be quite different…

    Webmaster “More Customers Blog”

  2. Hey Ramkanth,

    Google is making desperate moves feeling threatened by Facebook. The sad thing is this +1 button will never take off in my opinion. Compared to Facebook hardly anyone has a full Google profile and it’s not going to get many signs up.

    Second of all, this concept that people will want to share their “opinions” on websites so that their freinds will see it IF they also happen to be searching for the same keywords is really foolish.

    Most people neither want (for privacy reasons), or can be bothered to click “social buttons” for the sake of some “future” benefit that their freinds “may” benefit from at some unknown future date.

    Sorry Google, you have zero chance of success to compete with the “like” button.

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