Microsoft reveals to the world the successor to Vista. His name is (we know it already) Windows 7, and here are some screenshots with some interesting news.

Start now by heaviness of the operating system. At last it seems to be lighter and less resource hungry, the model used to test the beta version is NETBOOK with a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.

New Innovations Include:


* Finally the sidebar of gadget has been eliminated! Now the gadget can spread them throughout the desktop.

* Dragging windows to the ‘other, will be automatically maximized, while dragging it toward the edges will be 50%
* Support MultiTouch

* New UAC, the annoyance and hatred user control seems to have been made less….

* Ancxhe the new media center, with optimized ‘s interface to the Zune

* Full support for Bluetooth and management of all Disposable furniture.

The final version should leave at the end of 2009.According to Steve Ballmer, Windows 7 is the optimized version of Windows Vista.