Shadow Defender is an alternative security software for your windows system, actually it’s a Virtualization software that protects your system getting infected from viruses, trojans,rootkits and malware.

Unlike traditional antivirus software’s which rely on signature database to detect known malwares, Shadow Defender is a light Virtualization software that creates a virtual environment on your system and when you revert to previous state or reboot your system, the changes will be removed which include malware,viruses,files modified or deleted, files downloaded and anything you done on the virtual space created by shadow defender will be wiped after a reboot.

This way Shadow Defender(or SD for short ) will protect your real system affecting from malware, but I think we cannot consider Shadow Defender as a complete replacement of antivirus or anti malware software, because some new trojans/rootkits can bypass light virtualization applications.

So, you can utilize Shadow Defender as a security addon with your existing security suite. The software works in conjunction with any antivirus software, for instance you can use it along with Bitdefender Internet security 2015.

shadow defender

Shadow Defender has a simple interface, the main window of the app shows the current status of partitions/drives with their storage capacity, free space and space utilized for virtual environment or SD. So, you can notice whether the partition is in normal mode or shadow mode.

In mode setting section, hitting the ‘Enter shadow mode’ will apply the virtualization to the specified drive/parition, you can select to start shadow mode on boot and exit the mode when your system is shutdown.

The application also provide options to exclude files/folders from virtualization, also you can exclude certain registry items from shadow mode.Another good feature is, you can set password for the app under administration section and further you can use this section to enable a tray icon and context menu features.

The only down side of the application is, you have to reboot your system  for every changes, to know more about how SD works visit

Key Features:

  1. Light virtualization for any drive on the system.
  2. Create list with items exempt from protection.
  3. Reboot system to restore it to its original state.
  4. Password protection.
  5. Protects your privacy and prevents viruses,malwares.

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Note : This deal will expire in 1 days 12 hours, also you should activate the software by 1st August, 2014.

My view :

It’s a  good deal, as its nice virtualization app for sandboxing your system partitions to protect from malware and I can say its  a must have security addon for your PC. So my suggestion is  grab the deal before it expires.