Tomas Pollak a Chilean programmer developed an excellent application called Prey,that allows the owner to track a laptop if it is stolen.

Using Prey you can keep tabs on your  lost device ( Phone/tablet or laptop) and the person who is using it.

With Prey, you can track the thief and  know their location and how they are using your mobile device.

Prey can on track devices if you install it before they go missing, so you have to be organised.

Howvever, it’s easy to install.The application runs in the background without the thief’s knowledge, so lure them with a user account with no admin privileges and no password.As soon as they log in, they are all uours.

What is Prey ?

Prey is a small and very simple application(script) that collects information about your computer and sends it to the email address that you’ve previously defined.The idea is to have the software installed on your computer so that if ever stolen(hopefully never), this application can send important information to track it. The program runs on Mac OS and Linux.It is licencee under GPLv3, which means you can do just about anything with it. It runs in *NIX systems.


Update 2: This article is almost one year old, Now Prey runs on Windows, mac, Linux,Ubuntu and Androdid Devices

About Prey:

Prey lets you keep track of your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. It’s lightweight, open source software, and free for anyone to use.

Download or Home Page:

What information is collected by Prey?

Prey sends the information about the public and private IP address of where the Laptop is connected, the MAC address of the card or network driver for which it is connected to the network, and the WiFi network to which it is connected, if so, if the Laptop has a webcam, it takes a photo of the Thief and a screenshot of the desktop, to see what he is doing and other relevant information.

How it works ?

The script runs at a specified interval in your machine,and checks for a specified URL in the web. If the URL exists it means the computer/laptop has been stolen, and thus

goes through the information-gathering routine and sends all that info through to a previously defined email address.You can also not define a URL and in that case the program sends the data every time it runs.


$ wget

$ unzip

$ cd prey-0.1

$ chmod +x

$ ./


Download : Prey


Update: Now prey app is also available for Windows also

Download links : Prey 0.2 for linux and Mac(431 kb)

prey 0.1 for Windows (285 kb)