Laplink PCmover is an easy-to-use software that guides you to move your programs, files and settings from your old PC to your new PC. Laplink PCmover Express is a limited version of Laplink PCmover which costs around $30 or £50 and now with below promo you can get this software for free.

If you are looking to buy a new Windows 7 PC  or Windows 8 and don’t want to lose your OLD XP settings, then you can use this easy to use migration utility called ‘PCmover Express’.

PCmover automatically moves all the programs, files and settings you select from your old PC to your new one and all of your applications will be installed automatically ready to use.

PCmover is the easiest way to move into a new PC without leaving anything behind and works with almost any version of Windows. You can even use PCmover to transfer your PC to an Intel-based Mac using VMware Fusion, Parallels or Bootcamp.

Just install PCmover Express on old and new computers. Now it will determine which programs, files, and settings need to be moved, then select the method (CD,USB or Network or LAN cable) you’re using for completing the migration process.

PCmover can transfer your PC across a network, Laplink USB cable, or Laplink Ethernet cable. If your computer has multiple users, PCmover gives you
the option to transfer some or all of the users. The security information about file ownership and access control is preserved for each user

Laplink PCmover Express for Free:

  1. First visit this  Promotional Page
  2. Login or  click create an account and Click Finish.
  3. Now it will display download link and license key of  Laplink PCmover Express.

Alternate Freeware : Windows Easy transfer

On your Start Menu click ‘All programs–> Accessories–>System tools’ and you will find Windows Easy transfer which does the same job.