Panda Global Protection 2016 is the top-of-the-range security product from Panda Security  that includes Panda Antivirus Pro, Internet Security and Gold Protection.


Panda Global Protection 2016 includes all manner of security elements such as antivirus, firewall, wi-fi protection and a data shield. There’s also  a parental control mechanism, online backup, password management, military level AES 256-bit file encryption and a secure file shredder.



Needless to say, that’s not all. The Tune Up function helps to keep your system in tip top order, and Panda Global Protection 2016 also includes Process Monitor, Application Control, Anti-Theft module for locating lost or stolen computer and disinfection tools such as USB vaccine, Rescue kit.
In addition to protecting your PC, it will also protects your  Apple Macs, Android phones and tablets.The minimum cost of Panda Security Panda Global Protection 2016 (3-Users) is $65 for one year’s subscription and updates.



The installation of this security suite is quick and straightforward, however look out to ‘uncheck’ boxes such as browser toolbar to avoid unnecessary modifications to your browser.

The suite has a user-friendly interface, every major aspect of the suite will be available by clicking on the relevant tile.You can also customize the UI to some degree, but the default is reasonable enough to understand.

On the home screen, clicking the ‘ Scan’ tile will display 3 options : quick, full and custom scans.Clicking on the ‘Rescue kit’ tile , you will find an option to create a USB rescue drive and this can turn a USB flash drive into a bootable device that can disinfect a PC that won’t start because of malware.
Also, under ‘Rescue Kit’ module you will notice Panda Cloud cleaner option, that says it can detect things that traditional scans miss.The Process monitor module provides a live view of network activity, it shows which sites and ports are being accessed by what programs.
The Firewall module, when enabled protects your PC from networks threats and parental controls enable you to choose a filter for each windows account and this can be none, kids, teen, employee or custom settings.The backup module will provide local and cloud backup of your files.You can back up to a disk drive or CD/DVD or removable drive.


  1. Powerful Antivirus engine blocks viruses, spyware, malware.
  2. Rescue kit helps to disinfect your PC in critical situations
  3. Wi-Fi protection lets you surf safely, keep the intruders out of network
  4. Data shield prevents confidential data
  5. Parental control keeps your children away from inappropriate websites.
  6. Online backup function will back up and retrieve your files quickly and simply
  7. Password manager tool lets you forget about having to memorize all your passwords
  8. File encryption,File shredder and PC Tuneup
  9. Cross platform protection : Android, Mac and Windows

Overall, Panda Global Protection 2016 covers just about everything you can think of regarding security and backup.It’s packed with features and provides adequate security for your PC.

Panda Global Protection 2016 subscription free for 6 Months

Update [5/10/2016]: Added new promo link

New Promo link: Just download the online installer from this link :PANDAGP16.exe , this is a 180 days trial version, all you need to do is  download the installer from above link & install it to activate the 6 month subscription.


[Old Promo] : Added on 23/10/2015

Actually this promo is intended for TP-LINK (spain) device users, you can visit this spanish promo page and enter your name, email address, enter anything for TP-link serial number (for instance 1234) and click the ‘Get my gift’ button.
Panda Global Protection 2016 promo

Next, check your email Inbox and you will notice an email from Panda Security (Spain) with Panda Global Protection 2016 activation code and installer.

However, you can skip above process and copy this activation code : GP15TPLINK56 and download Panda Global Protection 2016 installer , install it and run the app, on its home screen, click on ‘My Products’ option and choose ‘I have activation code’, then enter above activation code as the Panda team is sending same code for all users.

Panda Global Protection activation code