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Mozilla releases Firefox for Mobiles

last week(oct8) I wrote that Firefox Mobile Browser (alpha) will be coming “in a few weeks”. Yes,Mozilla has released the first Alpha version of Fennec, the mobile web browser which currently runs on the Nokia N810 internet tablet, and which will soon run on Windows Mobile. Fennec is just a code name.
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Adobe Released Flash Player 10

Adobe has just made the prerelease version of Flash Player 10 available for download for Mac, Windows and Linux. Flash 10,which  Adobe today officially released  was  previously  known under the code name “Astro,” adds a large number of new features to the Flash player like 3D support, the new text engine, and
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Airtel Launches Digital TV (DTH)Service

After Reliance,Airtel has also joined the Direct-To-Home Satellite TV Services list called Airtel Digital Tv. Airtel Digital TV will be available in 62 cities in the first phase through 21000 Airtel retail and relationship centers. With over 175 channels, the packages will start from Rs. 2499 for a 6 months subscription with
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Opera Paste and Go Feature in Firefox

Among other features that Opera has is the right-click Paste and Go option when you paste a link into the address bar. Itloads a site automatically when you paste the URL into the address box. The same applies to search, just paste the search term and the search runs automatically without the
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Apple finally receives patent on Mac OS X Dock

Since the release of Mac OS X 10.0 in 2001, the Dock has been one of the most prominent features of operating system’s user interface, serving as a centralized launch pad for applications and document files. Now, nearly a decade after filing for a patent on the OS X Dock, it has