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Fresh Apps – Download the best applications for iPhone

Fresh Apps is a very good draft for all those with an iPhone but do not know what to put inside it.This is a directory of applications for iPhone voted and commented on by users.It has a fairly intuitive aesthetic appearance, which gives us the opportunity to all visitors and readers of

iPhoto2Gmail: Integrating iPhoto with Gmail

iPhoto2Gmail is a plugin for iPhoto (software to manage photos by default in Mac OS X) that integrates the Gmail service. This tool works only on Mac OS X, Windows users can use Picasa which is an application that offers the same functionality . With this plugin we can send our photos
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Google also points to OpenID

From today you can use your e-mail account from Google as OpenID provider, but nothing to access its services with the exception of the comments on Blogger. This is the same position on OpenID taken by the blog hosting service in the house – Blogger – and other providers like Yahoo!, Launchpad
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MobileWitch : Turn your phone into a Pc Remote Control

Mobile Witch Remote Control is one of the best free software’s which can be used to your computer from distance. The main purpose of this software is to turn your mobile phone into a universal PC remote control.Now you can easily remote control your PowerPoint presentations, Mouse Cursor or simply explore the
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Google Chrome and Roboform

Whatever it is, (for more beta that is) and even when it is so criticized, Chrome has already secured a place in my PC for a long time … What has hurt me most is incompatible with RoboForm. Already there are people much or more idle than me who have set up
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Make your virtual poster with Glogster

Glogster is a new network of relationships, where you can create your virtual poster, putting your photos, images, videos, figurines and everything you want. You can add friends to share their ideas and preferences on posters, which are then assembled from published and be available in the gallery, to be commented by

Gmail gets Google Calendar and Docs Gadgets

Wow, Google is continuing experimenting and incorporating new features into Gmail. The latest has been to add two options that can help you to get in the left sidebar access to upcoming events in your Google Calendar and your recent documents on Google Docs, respectively. Gmail is becoming more like iGoogle, but