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Yahoo Web Analytics is Launched

Just like Google’s Webmaster Tools Yahoo has also decided to make their own online website reporting system designed to help you increase sales, reduce marketing costs and encourage visitor retention. It’s called Yahoo Web Analytics. Yahoo has announced that they’ll begin to roll out Yahoo Web Analytics (beta) on a limited basis
Mobile, Web Browsers

Firefox Mobile Browser (alpha) coming "in a few weeks"

Earlier this year, the folks(azarask) over at Mozilla took some time to show off a video with the latest developments in the mobile version of the popular Firefox browser. While a final version won’t be ready for handsets worldwide perhaps until sometime in 2009, an alpha testing build may come much sooner.

Screamer Radio: Stream Any online Radio Station For free

Screamer Radio is a freeware Internet Radio player for Microsoft Windows.Unlike any other online radio players Screamer Radio offers you to listen to music with over two thousand radio stations that are already included in Screamer Radio’s directory. That means you are not just limited to just one, two or say ten
Technology news

Splicd-YouTube spliter

Splicd is an interesting web tool that lets you select any video any video from and cut only the part you want from it. It also gives you a link that you ca use to share the video with others. No signup needed. Check out splicd Here via