Ringblender create your own ringtones

Ringblender is an online service that lets you design your own ringtones for Mobiles through various tools deployed in their flash interface. You can play around with different instruments, notes, effects, sound effects and voices just by dragging and dropping on the “editor”. The system has a fairly wide repertoire of sound
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Get free Genuine Microsoft softwares from DreamSpark India

Microsoft unveiled DreamSparkIndia – that gives free software to college and high school students worldwide, has now expanded to India. Bill Gates announced the initiative at IIT Delhi .The software giveaway program is estimated to provide software for 10 million eligible students in India. Microsoft DreamSpark, provides free downloads, product keys and

Correct your posture infront of the pc

We all know that every one like to stay several hours in front of the computer,But it is not something we recommend and it eventually can cause various diseases and discomfort in hands, elbows, back and neck. For this reason we must get used to maintain proper posture and pausing to relax
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Inner-Live : watch TV live on Internet

Inner-Live is a pretty interesting new project, through which we can watch TV live online absolutely free. As we can see in the image, this service will be able to access the most popular television channels like Cartoon Network, CNN, ESPN and NBA TV, in addition to other channels of news, sports,
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Hackosis : verify how safe is your password

Hackosis is a web application that lets you view and analyze your password .so that depending on this(password) composition you can see how safe or unsafe it is, unlike the applications that help you generate a secure password even though it is very difficult to remember. This password tool also calculate the
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Phosphor:A high level online shooter

Phosphor is an online shooting Game that has nothing to envy to Doom or the more popular Unreal Tournament, which require installation on a PC. Probably many of you tend to regard this term ‘high-level’ ,as we all know that usually online games are developed with Flash technology or similar and thus
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MemInfo 2.0 :check memory usage

MemInfo Displays the current memory (RAM or Page File) usage of Windows in the system tray. With a small gauge graphic and the value updated in real time, MemInfo gives a fast feedback to current memory usage in Windows. Highly customizable. Choose when MemInfo should warn you about high memory usage, show
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New Apple patent shows virtual glasses (goggles)

The U.S. patent office has released 2 new Apple patent filings,where you can see how Apple has been investigating a new display technology.The idea is that the user will not get tired at seeing images on a screen constantly by this developed a system,that simulate virtual environments by changing the images.The company
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4 programs to create ISO image files

ISO (ISO image) is a file that stores an image or exact copy of a file system, ISO image files are created from a CD or DVD to be copied and then open or mounted on another computer. There are several programs that let you create this image format so simple and
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Popular Desktop Apps And Their Online Alternatives

Outfitting your computer with the latest software can be expensive. Time and money aren’t things to be wasted. With sky rocketing prices for desktop applications, you need to arm yourself with the right alternatives. Fortunately, there is a great alternative out there: the Internet. As hard as it is to believe, just