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Test your IQ online

As we all know, the IQ tests used to measure the level of intelligence of each one of us from several different questions and exercises in which to respond, we will have to use all the capacity of our minds. Although they are usually performed by qualified professionals, but there is a

Osalt : Find free Alternatives To Commercial Software

Osalt short for open source alternatives, is an interesting website with a focus on providing a detailed listing of alternatives to commercial software. Find open source alternatives to your favorite commercial products. Browse through software categories and compare pros and cons of both commercial products as well as open source software. Very

YouTube adds auto translation of subtitles

YouTube is making some serious efforts to breach the language barriers,  YouTube Blog announced a new innovation in language translation which helps further break down the barriers of communication in our ever widening online networks. YouTube has added a new auto-translate feature that adds real-time machine translation to any caption tracks you

Download Firefox Profile Switcher 1.1

Ever got irritated with others changing your Mozilla firefox settings. Ever had a tough time browsing with other’s using the same computer at a different time? Here is your solution… Firefox Profile Switcher This software enables you to switch between three different profiles at the click of a button. Allows naming profiles

Google is protected on the day of the dead.

If we look at the robots.txt of google we can clearly see that these guys will leave nothing to a chance and are already prepared against possible zombies on the day of the dead. Check out:
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My favorite 5 new extensions for Firefox 3

Firefox, perhaps more than any other browser available – including Internet Explorer, Safari ,chrome and Opera – can be highly personalised at the touch of a button, simply by adding little programs, known as “extensions”, to your browser. In recent weeks, there have been new or old extensions have been updated, which
Technology news

Gender Analyzer: Discover Gender of Blog Author's

Gender Analyzer Genderanalyzer, is a Web application where just by typing the URL of any blog .It discovers the identity of the author,whether the blog is written by a man or a woman. The results may not be correct all the time, but they seem quite accurate after several experiments. This is

Send SMS messages via Gmail

Oh yes, again. Now the friendly and kind developers Google has added the ability to send SMS messages via the site of its webmail Gmail. Users of Google’s Gmail service can now send text message chats to mobile phones using the webapp’s built-in Chat feature. You must activate the feature from the

Transmute: Favorite move between browsers

It’s pretty rare that a software created to share the favorite sites among several web browsers. The truth is that many of us use more than one browser to surf the internet and this will be very useful to synchronize bookmarks between different browsers. Imagine the following scenario: we use Firefox and