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Download Free Nero 9

One year after the release of Nero 8, Nero has made available for download the next iteration of the integrated digital media and home entertainment software suite. A trial version of Nero 9 is up for grabs for free (just 370 MB) as Nero announced the availability of the successor of version
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Join N-Gage Gamers Gang and get engaged with n-gage

What is N-Gage? The new generation N-Gage isn’t a console or a single device. It’s a gaming platform which is now available on an ever-expanding range of Nokia smartphones & N series including N79, N85, N96, N95, N95 8GB, N81, N818GB and 5320 XPressMusic & expected to available for Nokia N78, Nokia
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Mozilla releases Firefox for Mobiles

last week(oct8) I wrote that Firefox Mobile Browser (alpha) will be coming “in a few weeks”. Yes,Mozilla has released the first Alpha version of Fennec, the mobile web browser which currently runs on the Nokia N810 internet tablet, and which will soon run on Windows Mobile. Fennec is just a code name.
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Adobe Released Flash Player 10

Adobe has just made the prerelease version of Flash Player 10 available for download for Mac, Windows and Linux. Flash 10,which  Adobe today officially released  was  previously  known under the code name “Astro,” adds a large number of new features to the Flash player like 3D support, the new text engine, and