DriverMax 4.7:Free Windows Drivers updater

DriverMax 4.7 (Freeware of the Day) DriverMax is a program which allows you to easily reinstall all your Windows drivers. No more searching for rare drivers on discs or on the web or inserting one installation CD after the other. Simply export all your current drivers (or just the ones that work
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ispeech: Transform your Blog readers as listeners

iSpeech is becoming more perfect(currently in beta). ispeech is an online text-to-speech service which gives readers an opportunity to listen to websites or blogs, rather than read it.By embedding one snippet of code on a blog, for instance, will allow visitors to carry a player to take your blog on the go
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Adobe launches Shockwave 11 compatible with Mac OS X

Adobe has released the eleventh version of its Shockwave Player (formerly owned by Macromedia) to run multimedia games from the same browser. Until now, Mac OS X had to run with the help of the Rosetta emulator, but with this new release, Adobe offers full native compatibility with our computers.
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Play with Obama on Super Obama World

Super Obama world is a remake of the popular game Super Mario World, one of the earliest and best games console available for 16-bit Super Nintendo. Take control of the newly elected American president Barack Obama and confront pigs, pitbulls with lipstick, mothers of hockey, business executives, Russian soldiers and other enemies.
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Download free games for your PC

Download full free games for your PC from fullfreegamedownload.netThe downloads are guaranteed (without tricks)full versions ,but there are no new games in the list provided by the site. so If you to download full version old(not too old)popular games like Simcity,Gta2 you can check out the site Link [ad#small-adsen-banners]

Ringblender create your own ringtones

Ringblender is an online service that lets you design your own ringtones for Mobiles through various tools deployed in their flash interface. You can play around with different instruments, notes, effects, sound effects and voices just by dragging and dropping on the “editor”. The system has a fairly wide repertoire of sound
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Get free Genuine Microsoft softwares from DreamSpark India

Microsoft unveiled DreamSparkIndia – that gives free software to college and high school students worldwide, has now expanded to India. Bill Gates announced the initiative at IIT Delhi .The software giveaway program is estimated to provide software for 10 million eligible students in India. Microsoft DreamSpark, provides free downloads, product keys and

Correct your posture infront of the pc

We all know that every one like to stay several hours in front of the computer,But it is not something we recommend and it eventually can cause various diseases and discomfort in hands, elbows, back and neck. For this reason we must get used to maintain proper posture and pausing to relax