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TorrentDam :Desktop App for searching Torrents

Today we bring you a small but useful application called TorrentDam,which offers you search torrent files from the comfort of our desk and then download them with our favorite BitTorrent client. Best of TorrentDam is it is compatible with most popular BitTorrent trackers,that you can perform search in seven popular torrent search
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Flashmp3player: adds an mp3 player to your website

If you have a website or blog and want to add mp3 player, you have probably seen several options, including adding the songs that you’ve saved on Seeqpod. But today we show a much simpler option, from Flash MP3 Player is a free application based on PHP, and installs easily, without

3DP Chip :always keep your drivers updated

After the first or re- installation of our computer, many people just install drivers from given cd’s but don’t update the drivers for their devices (graphics card, motherboard or sound card, to give a few examples) where their version’s are updated frequently. Therefore, today we present you a small tool that is
Technology news

Stimator :Calculate The Value Of Your Website

This is another online  tool that allows us to obtain an approximate value of a website, blog or just a domain, with a rather interesting interface that generate a report on our site by simply entering the URL. Everything is presented in a very elegant way and even the graphics are pleasing

Download of the Day: Skype 4.0

After spending some time in Beta, the market finally received the final version of  Skype 4.0 for Windows. One of the main characteristics of this new version is,it offers Full-screen video calling, a new built-in bandwidth manager that optimizes calls in relation to your connection, a new audio codec which promises wideband

Codecs Pack for Windows 7

Usually Windows is unable to play any video formats other than wmv,mpeg formats.This is because the Windows Media Player by default, do not have codecs needed to play other format video files .Recently released Microsoft os Windows 7 had included some of the codecs to it’s Mediaplayer WMP 12,however it(Wmp12) is still

List of 745 of false Antispywares

What is a False Antispyware? False Antispywares In other words, a fake Antispyware is a malicious spyware. . It uses a lot of ads, displaying false information on the elimination of false infections,displaying huge amount false infections to scare users and encourage them to buy their product. In regard of your(users) safety