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KiwiTorrent :Search 20 Torrent search engines at one place

KiwiTorrent is an interesting tool (website) that incorporates up to 30 of the best search Torrent search engines in one place, which will make you search anything, saving time to enter each search engine, It is worth if you think in that point of view. Although your search is a manual way,the

Apple's next OS Snow Leopard leaked to torrent sites

Microsoft could engineer some quiet breathing,that Windows 7 is not the only operating system downloaded from the torrent sites , now there is also the new OS called the Apple Snow Leopard, which is creating a lot of expectations . Currently there are at least 2 versions (builds). 10a190 was the first
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Eraser:completely erase your hard disk

If you have a computer and for some reason you are going to give it away or sell it, first of all we must be sure that we remove all personal files from our hard disk to safeguard our privacy. To do this, we should not simply delete the files, because there
Technology news

The History of Internet in 8 minutes

What is the Internet? is one of the question that everybody will have this(?) in their mind and question’s like what we have done when we first interacted with the Internet and this video called “The History of the Internet,” is a documentary that explains in better way since early Arpanet to

Google's Quick Search Box for Mac

If Mac OS X does not have enough Spotlight and Quicksilver, Google now gives us another option: Quick Search Box, a search engine and application launcher developed by Nicholas Jitkoff, the developer of Quicksilver. Yesterday google announced a small program for mac,the Quick Search Box, which is a marvel. Like Quicksilver, Google
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Task list :Identify wild Processes In Task Manager

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and click on the “Processes” tab in the window that(pop up) appears . This will show you a list of all the programs that are running invisibly on your computer, quietly doing work in the background. Many of these processes are legitimate — they’re doing things like scanning for viruses,
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20 Plus Themes for Windows 7

If you’re testing the beta version of Windows 7, you can personalize with new themes created by ithinkdiff with a variety of visual styles to choose from. More than 20 themes for Windows 7, with the notable Apple, Earth, Grass, Simpsons, Leopard, Snake, among others. Click on the image to go to

Windows 7 Beta will available until January 24

Everyone already know that Microsoft has released the beta of Windows 7, and in a first stage, only 2.5 million people could download. As many know, Windows 7 promises, and seems to be an excellent operating system. Although several people already had a copy of the beta (thanks to file-sharing programs, of