Mortens ShutDown: Turnoff or Reboot your pc automatically

Mortens ShutDown is a very interesting free tool that was designed to shut down a computer at a specific date and time.using this software is very easy,all you have to do is just set a date and a time and the computer will shut off automatically by itself … There are several
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Download of th Day :Counter Strike 2D

I think you all should know the Counter Strike, one of the popular games most often played by many people these days. But in this case don’t think that I’m giving download link for classical Counter Strike Game,this is different(2D).This is Counter-Strike 2D, a two-dimensional version of the classic game. “Counter-Strike 2D

Free Premium WordPress Themes

when you search for wordpress themes you can find thousands of free themes, but many prefer premium themes because of their quality in terms of design,layouts and additional features like adsense ready widgets , e.t.c. Most of  premium wordpress themes are paid themes,but all of us cannot buy Premium themes. Although there

How to convert HTML web pages to PDF

HTML to PDF Converter is an interesting free web service that lets you Convert a website (HTML pages) in to PDF format so you can then have it stored for a later reading or to send someone for a quick reference. It’s really very easy to use just type the address or
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How to open multiple websites at the same time!

You are impatient type, once connected to internet you want to read  Techno360, check email, go to your favorite forum, see the latest sports news and read the feeds in the same moment. Congratulations, you’re not the only one. But you have only one pc(?), one monitor and more importantly only two
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Download Quickly from MegaUpload without Waiting

I think  title of the post will say all!, Many online storage providers use captcha systems for their website  which make free users to wait and try to force users to buy premium accounts for download more quickly and avoid having to wait for a bit of time between a download and

War on Terrorism:Limit Google Maps and Google Earth

The lawmaker from California, USA, Joel Anderson introduced a bill regulating the level of detail in the images shown on Google Maps and Google Earth. The spirit of this measure is to prevent terrorists using this free service to locate potential targets for attacks. In fact we know this and other similar
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Download of the Day :jv16 PowerTools

Do you think that your computer gets slower day by day? Are you experiencing any  frequent crashes,then you must try this   tool kit called jv16 PowerTools. Jv16 PowerTools provides the best solution to maximize the performance of your PC. Until now your computer might have been the one who was in charge,

How to control your webcam remotely via Windows Mobile

Here is a ‘very nice application called webcamXP Mobile HD that lets you to watch and remotely control your webcam through a Windows Mobile device … webcamXP software requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Carrying forward with the original description from (webcamxp) author’s website This is a client application for Windows Mobile 5.0