Game Booster – Boost your PC Gaming Performance.

Yesterday I started using IOBit Advanced SystemCare3 a comprehensive PC care utility that takes a one-click approach to repair, and optimize your computer. In additional tools option they suggested to use Game Booster. IOBit Game Booster is a small utility that helps you adjust your computer to free up resources to play
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Adeona – Track your Stolen Laptop

Previously (Mar 26) we posted about Prey :A script which tracks your stolen laptop,which runs on Mac OS and Linux platforms.Thanks to my friend Kavya for referring this OpenSource tool called “Adeona” that fulfills the same task that the prey do, but with much simpler installation and also runs on Windows os

17 themes for WordPress Personal blogs

Do you have personal blog and using Normal or plain theme,then I say why should you neglect its design. In the end, everything comes via the eyes. So it is good to have your personal space on the Internet colorful,lively and easily accessible for your readers to navigate,because a personal blog always
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Become A Terrorist and Get Paid By Indian Govt.

YES THIS IS TRUE! There will be no help for those Indian soldiers and citizens who have been killed by the terrorists in terror attacks. But now CONGRESS LED UPA GOVT, has started giving “FINANCIAL AID” AND JOBS to the families of TERRORISTS. IBN 7 Reports that Indian Govt is giving FINANCIAL
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TinyTrials :A collection of mini-games

There are people who like to jump for hours with  games having  a long and complicated adventure plot, and also there are people who prefer play quick and  entertaining games, without complications.  If you’re in the latter group then I’m  sure you’ll love TinyTrials . TinyTrials is a diverse collection of online

5 Tools to Detect Dangerous websites

One of the major problems that exist in the Internet is insecurity in browsing Websites.Today there are thousands of Internet sites that apparently seem to be safe but in fact they hide malicious code inside them ,which exploit browser vulnerabilities and  infects user systems or  even affects other websites. Although you may

Google reveals images of one of their servers

Frankly,i usually think or dream  that Google will have placed it’s severs in large rooms with full of mainframes.To my surprise when i read this article from cnet ,where it reveals Google’s Server secrets. Check out above image ,instead of rooms full of mainframes,they are using simply a common tower computer modified
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Portable Ubuntu :Use Ubuntu within Windows OS

One of the reasons why many do not even dare to try Ubuntu is because of the installation process, which has yet to be simplified , it remains the most sensitive issue for beginners.Although according to me Installing Ubuntu is easier. Portable Ubuntu a Free application for windows is a great option
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Free copy of Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009 is a popular and easy to use accounting software from Microsoft.Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009 is a full feature accounting and financial management software for small businesses, and is the successor for Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2008.Office Accounting Express 2009 (named only as Office Accounting 2009 during