Security company Symantec has launched  Norton Identity Safe, a Free password manager for Windows , iOS, and Android  devices. This secure online  identity storage service allows users to store  their login name and passwords for multiple services, as well  sensitive information such as names, addresses ,credit card details and web form information.

Actually Identity safe is already available as inbuilt service in Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 , but now  Symantec launched  Norton Identity safe as a free standalone application for all users.


According to Symantec Norton Identity Safe is a free cloud-enabled service that allows consumers to easily and securely store and synchronize logins, passwords, credit cards, and other Web form information across browsers and devices.It is designed to help consumers address the complex challenge of keeping their identities secure and protecting their passwords across multiple sites and devices.

“Today, consumers are faced with trying to remember numerous logins and passwords in order to access their favorite websites, without putting their personal information at risk,” Symantec explains. “According to Norton research, 38 percent of people surveyed still write down their passwords. Forty-five percent re-use the same passwords across multiple sites, leaving them open to risk as hackers may crack the password on one site and gain access to all of their accounts. To help consumers solve these problems, Norton Identity Safe beta provides a simple, secure way to manage passwords across Windows PCs, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and Android devices.”

Norton Identity Safe actually installs as add-on for your Internet browser and it is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer.To use this application users need to a  have (or create) Norton Account and after logging in to the app users have to create asingle master password for their vault, , where users per site logins are protected behind this single master password and listed along with a thumbnail for easy identification and one click access.

Norton Identity Safe beta Features :

  • Simplified password management: Eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple logins and passwords, as users only need to remember one master password for quick, secure access to their favorite sites.
  • Streamlined user experience : Shows users their logins with thumbnail images, allowing them to log in to a desired site by clicking on the image, or for mobile and tablet users, by simply touching the screen.
  • Share Via : Allows users to safely share online content by sending URLs through email and social networking plugins, directly from Norton Identity Safe beta.
  • Automatic login synchronization across devices : Enables users to store a password on one device and easily log in from another device, wherever they go.
  • Safe Search : Ensures users can search with confidence and view site ratings right in the search results, enabling users to see whether a website is safe before visiting it.


Unlike most password managers, Norton Identity Safe also includes Norton Safe Web protection, which lets you know if a site is safe or not before you visit it and it warns you of and blocks malicious sites.

Download Norton Identity Safe