Iobit Smart Defrag 5 keeps your hard drive performing at its peak, the app is faster at analyzing and defragging drives on all windows operating systems.

If you are using the traditional hard drive on your windows desktop or laptop, then the term ‘fragmentation’ will not be strange to you.

Initially, when you have a new hard disk, all the software installations or the content that you copied will be laid in contiguous sections of the drive. Over time, when you move and delete data, the data will end up being spread across different sections of the drive.

The hard disk becomes fragmented, with bits of files all over the place, and your PC slows down as it has to look in many places to find them all.

Defragging your hard disk will reorder its contents, although the built-in disk defragmenter in windows does a good job of optimizing your drive, you will get better results with dedicated and more flexible third-party software such as Smart Defrag 5.

Smart Defrag 5 provides efficient defragmentation to streamline your file system, the software can defrag your drive automatically and silently in the background.

iobit smart defrag 5 pro

The Latest version ‘Smart Defrag 5′ sports a redesigned user interface which is compatible with high-resolution displays.

The main screen lets you choose which drives to target, and provides information on free space and the file system. You can toggle disk cleanup, automatic and boot-time defrag on or off for all drives.

Also you can just hit ‘ Smart optimize’ button, the software will analyze first and then intelligently executes the most suitable defrag method to defragment your HDD and trim your SSD, which shouldn’t defrag like the traditional hard drive.

Other useful features offered by this Iobit tool include Large Files Defrag and Game Optimize.  Game Optimize feature is designed to reduce game loading times and improve performance.

Furthermore,  you can defrag registry files before start-up, as well as other files that can’t be changed while the system is running.


Overall, Iobit Smart Defrag 5 is a powerful alternative to windows disk defragmenter, with intelligent features it can move often used files to the fastest areas of the drive for quick access and optimizes your HDD to speed your PC.

Note: During installation, make sure you untick the bundled extras such as ‘yahoo powered chromium’ software and other Iobit software.


Iobit Smart Defrag 5 Pro Free License :

Smart Defrag works on latest Windows 10 OS and earlier versions Windows 7/8/, Vista and XP.


Download the installation file from Iobit or  CNet or from here(12.5 MB), install it and launch the software, then on the main screen, click the ‘Activate Now’ button and enter the license code to activate pro version.


IObit Smart Defrag Pro 5.8 License :11FD4-58495-F088D-55EB9

Note: The license code is valid till May 29,2018 and offers free updates during the validity period and there will be no free technical support.